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2017-2018 Golf Operations Special Events Schedule


Fall 2017 – Spring 2018

Golf Operations Special Events Schedule


Saturday, Sept. 23Michelob Challenge – An 18 hole two-person team best ball event at Trail Ridge GC. Starting times begin at 11 a.m.  Lunch is included. Details and entry form is HERE.



 Saturday, Oct. 1422 Annual Octogenarian Golf Tournament – Must be 80 years of age and older. 8 a.m. shotgun. Hosted at Echo Mesa GC with awards dinner on Sunday evening Oct. 15 at Briarwood CC. Details and entry forms is HERE.



 Friday, Nov. 17“Turkey Shoot” Night Putting TournamentTHIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT!  Held on the practice putting green at Echo Mesa GC. Make your own foursome and compete as a two-person team. Each two-person team will be given 1 frozen turkey as part of the paid entry fee. Details and entry form are HERE.



Saturday, Dec. 9Night Golf 9-Hole Scramble –  supporting our local Meals on Wheels organization. THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT but we are taking names for a wait list.  Hosted at Pebblebrook GC. Make your own foursome and compete as a team. One of our most popular events. Dinner is included in the entry fee. Night golf equipment (i.e. balls, glow sticks) will be provided. We ask that you bring a flashlight! Details and entry form are HERE.



 Saturday, Dec. 16 and Sunday, Dec. 17Men’s Match Play Round RobinTHIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT but we are taking names for a wait list.  Two-man team with an 8-stroke maximum handicap spread for partners. Three 9 hole matches on Saturday and two 9 hole matches on Sunday. Play will be conducted at Deer Valley GC with tee times starting at 8 a.m. Details and the entry form are HERE.



 Saturday, Jan. 20Michelob ChallengeTHIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT but we are taking names for a wait list.  An 18 hole two-person team best ball event at Deer Valley GC. Starting times begin at 11 a.m. Lunch is included. Details and entry form are HERE.



 Saturday, Feb. 17Sun City West 40th Anniversary Celebration Scramble –  THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT but we are taking names for a wait list.  An 18 hole 4 person team event. Limited to 80 players. Play will be conducted at Stardust GC with a 12 p.m. shotgun start. Food, prizes and commemorative tee gift will be provided after play. Details and entry form are HERE.



 Saturday, March 24 and Sunday, March 25Sun City West Classic –  A two day, 36-hole stroke play event. Play will be conducted at Trail Ridge GC round #1 and Pebblebrook GC for round #2. Starting times begin at 11 a.m. Food and beverage will be provided after the final round of play. Who will be our next RCSCW Club Champion? Details and entry form are HERE.



Thursday, March 29 – Our annual Golf Gala Dinner with live entertainment is open to all participants who played in any of the above events.  Hosted at the Palm Ridge Recreation Center. Cocktails at 4:30 p.m. and dinner served at 5:30 p.m. This completes our tournament year and gives us an opportunity to acknowledge the winners of each event and enjoy a great dinner with fellow competitors.

Golf Gala 2018 Raffle Prizes


Please click on the below link to see who sponsored several of our events this season and thank them by giving them patronage.

Sponsor Support for 2017-18 Golf Season

  1. The e-news sent us to this post, where it indicated all Club Champions would also be listed. This appears to be only the Special Events winners. Is the list of Club Champions somewhere else?

    • Multimedia says:

      Hi Cindy, we will check with Golf Operations to get you an answer since this article was submitted by them. Stay tuned.

    • Multimedia says:

      Hi Cindy, here’s the response from Lynn in Golf Ops. If you have further trouble, you can give her a call at 623-544-6037. “They have to click on the results under the classic section right before the Gala pics.” Hope thus helps.

  2. Linda Wise says:

    I feel that golf ops continues to decrease their promoting of golf of the local SCW golfers. Several years ago, when Lyn Adams worked the tournies (especially celebration of golf—-there were at least 4 tournies in the month of March ). In the 4-person scramble there was a shotgun start in am & pm with basically full fields. Costs were $25 each or per couple. Now the BIG 40th Anniversary tourney is capped at 80!!! At stardust no less at 12 pm & costing $65 per person!!! But your ad in brochure & Rec News says $60!!

    • Multimedia says:

      Happy New Year Linda,
      Thanks for the comments concerning the 40th Anniversary event at Stardust Golf Course. We were fortunate to be able to sell out this event in a matter of 10 days, and are using Stardust because earlier that day Stardust is hosting a 5k event. Once the 5k ends we have an empty golf course and thought this would be an ideal time to have a shotgun start for the 40th Anniversary tournament. This event will have a fun Florida (step aside) Scramble with catered food and great prizes. Included in the $65 is the golfer’s green fee too. (Apologies for the error re: price in the Rec Center News)

      March is our busiest month for golf and in past years we hosted the LPGA Legends tournament as well. So in order to maximize our tee times for our residents we moved our golf events to the weekends (typically the slower days of the week) and streamlined our offerings. I am glad to say that besides the Sun City West Classic on March 24 and 25 and the Golf Gala Dinner on the 29th, we are hosting the Camp Corral and Can-Am tournaments on March 10 and 11, both at Pebblebrook Golf Course. By clicking the links you will find entry forms for each.

      We also have the third-annual Hole in One Contest in March! It runs from March 14 to 17 at the Echo Mesa Golf Course driving range. Someone just might win $1 million! It will cost a golfer $5 for 7 balls with the two closest to the hole winners advancing to Saturday’s final for the chance at the $1 million. Proceeds from the event will go towards supporting the local radio station KSCW, run by the Sun City West Broadcast Club.

      Lynn Adams and staff did a wonderful job with our past golf events. I’m hoping this year’s events will satisfy those who are looking for a competitive and fun event that also raise much needed funds for local organizations.

      If you want to discuss further, feel free to contact me at 623-544-6499.

      Pat O’Hara

  3. Joseph Simmons says:

    Hello, Im looking to join a men’s league golf club how does one go about the process and establish a handicap? Thanks, new to the area with golf interest.
    Thank for the advice,
    Joseph Simmons

  4. Dick Potts says:

    Only one event mentions a handicap of 8 strokes between two players…very low for the hundred or so players I’m familiar with. Anyway, I was wondering if the other events are handicapped? I golf with the Stardust Men’s League and I seem to recall a meeting during which we voted not to join the AGA which would sanction our handicap so we could play with our Stardust handicap at other courses. Do I have that right?

    • Multimedia says:

      Sorry for the delay Dick, Golf Ops replied to us and we lost track of their email. Here is the response:

      Hello Dick.
      The 8 stroke spread between the two partners is to help keep the team somewhat closer together in ability rather than having an 6 handicap play with a 36 handicap, for example. Also makes the foursome more alike in ability rather than having large variations in skill level. If you want to have a partner with a spread greater than 8 strokes you can but the higher handicapped player will be reduced to the 8 stroke differential. Net and Gross prizes will be awarded. If the field is large enough we will break into multiple flights as well. Should be fun. Concerning the use of the GHIN handicap, that is our preference as our tournament software recognizes this system and automatic updates occur when there is a change in a golfer’s index. The other handicap systems will be updated manually. We would allow you to play with your Stardust handicap if you would like. Most if not all of the play will be conducted from the white tees. All of our events, with the exception of nite putting and nite golf are handicapped, so there are net and gross prizes awarded.
      Thanks for the question and comments.

      Patrick O’Hara, PGA
      Golf Operations Manager
      (O) 623.544.6499

  5. Deborah Hodnett says:

    Your first Michelobe challenge is too early, most of your snowbirds don’t get back into town until October / November and alot of them are always very interested in supporting this tourney. And then your next one isn’t until January, we used to have at least 3 or 4 of these with great particiaption from the men and women both.

    • Hi Deborah Hodnett. I hope you are somewhere COOL. Thanks for the comments on The Michelob Challenge. I hope you noticed that we changed the format from an 18-hole individual stroke play to a two-person team best ball. I’m hopeful we’ll get a bigger turn out since it is a partner event and the pressure of posting an individual score for 18 holes is not required. Also, we have had an event the past few years in September to give our year-round residents a tournament to play in. We don’t do another one until after the first of the year for a couple of reasons:
      • Overseeding runs from Sept. 28 to Nov. 7 (plus another week for cart path only) so that time of the year is out
      • We have the night putting and night golf in November and December as our holiday events – take advantage of the shorter daylight hours
      • Once we get through the Holiday Season, the days are longer and the weather is warmer. We also have the Sun City West Classic in March which is considered the same type of event but 36 holes and individual stroke play.
      I hope you’ll consider playing in the new format for the Michelob Challenge. It should be fun!

      Pat O’Hara, Golf Operations Supervisor

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