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40th Anniversary: Lizards run amok in Sun City West!

40th Anniversary: Lizards run amok in Sun City West!

To celebrate the fact that Sun City West was built on an area historically known as “Lizard Acres,” the Rec Centers’ events staff has planned a fun activity in the month leading up to the community’s 40th anniversary to celebrate the unique moniker.

The “Lizard” Scavenger Hunt incorporates 40 large wooden lizards, creatively painted by community members, and placed throughout the community at activity centers, a golf course and other well-known facilities in Sun City West.

Each of the lizards is numbered, and a corresponding photo is featured on the entry form. Residents who want to participate must find each of these lizards and indicate in which location they spotted the lizard.

There are entry forms available at Member Services, the R.H. Johnson Box Office and each of the monitor stations at the activity centers, as well as via this LINK. The hunt will begin Jan. 15 and run through Feb. 15. Please do not move any of these lizards from their appointed location!

All completed entry forms must be turned in to the R.H. Johnson Box Office by Friday, Feb. 16. On Sunday, Feb. 18, all of the lizards will be gathered and brought to the R.H. Johnson Plaza for display, and a FREE concert will be held on the R.H. Johnson Stage and Great Lawn from 4 to 6 p.m. At that time, completed entry forms that contain all of the correct locations will be put into a drawing for prizes.

The free concert features “String Fever,” a family of four gentlemen from the United Kingdom who perform on electric string instruments with a cellist and beat boxing. This show will be sure to entertain you, like nothing you’ve seen before.

Join us for the hunt, concert and all of the fun 40th Anniversary activities. See your recent Rec Center News for more information on additional event dates and locations.

For more information, call the Box Office at 623-544-6093 or check

  1. Caroline and Dave Poling says:

    Sounds like fun……….how can I help?

    Caroline Poling

  2. Multimedia says:

    Hi Caroline, you can contact Julie ( to see if she needs assistance placing the lizards, but mostly just enter the contest and have fun!!

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