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40th Anniversary parade route street closures


Please be sure to come out and join us 9 a.m. Monday, Feb. 19! 

The Parade Route is 135th Ave and Meeker Blvd., to Beardsley Road, to Beardsley Park. A map of the route appears at the bottom of the closures list.

Staging will take place on 135th Avenue at Briarwood Country Club (walkers) and at R.H. Johnson in the rear parking lot at the north end of the bowling alley (floats and vehicles).

As of Jan. 29, Briarwood CC plans to have a booth at their parking lot with breakfast treats available for purchase.

ALL streets that border the parade route will begin closing at 6:30 a.m. These will be complete closures with the Sheriff’s Dept and Posse manning all intersections and inner streets.

RH Johnson & Meeker

Pyracantha & Meeker

Echo Mesa & Meeker

Wintergreen & Meeker

Spring Meadow & Meeker

135th Ave. & Meeker

134th Way & Meeker

134th  Dr. & Meeker

Castelbar & Meeker

Seville & Meeker

133rd Way & Meeker

133rd Dr. & Meeker

Aurora & Meeker

Sonnet & Meeker

135th Ave. & Stardust

135th Ave. & Gable Hill Dr.

135th Ave. & Thornhill

135th Ave. & Greenview

Beardsley & Seville

Beardsley & Castle Bar

Beardsley & Paintbrush

Beardsley & 130th Ave.

Beardsley & 129th Dr.

Beardsley & 129th Ave.

Beardsley & 128th Ave./ Stardust

Beardsley & 126th Ave.

Beardsley & 125th Ave.

Beardsley & 124th Ave.

Beardsley & Conquistador

Beardsley & Old El Mirage

128th Ave. & Galaxy

Aurora & Stardust

Camino Del Sol/Meeker & Beardsley

Camino Del Sol & La Terraza 

Camino Del Sol & Jadestone 

Camino Del Sol & Bonanza 

Camino Del Sol & Mesa Verde

Camino Del Sol & Keystone

Camino Del Sol & Marble

Camino Del Sol & Bellwood

Camino Del Sol & 133rd Ave.

  1. I attended the 40th Sun City West parade. Wow! I am glad I did. I thought it was a nice turn out. It had a grest variety of things to see. Glad the rain quit beforehand. Loved the classic cars, never knew how many worked volunteerily with The Prides…they do an awesome job beautifying our streets. Thank you everyone. The bands, the bagpipes, all the ladies’ sports groups, (never knew pickleball was played with a racket) the costumes,missed the airplanes unfortunately.Everyone was so friendly despite how cool the weather was. Loved everything…too much to mention. Very impressed. That was the longest parade I have ever gone to. Can’t imagine organizing this event. Kudos to those involved in that process. Again can’t say enough good stuff about the parade.

  2. what about emergencies? How does a trapped resident leave?

    • Multimedia says:

      Hello Sharon, in case of emergency a resident should call 911 as they normally would. There will be a large number of police and fire personnel at the parade, so not to worry, they will be close by.

  3. I don’t see anything on where to park if you want to sit and watch along the Parade route. Right now it looks like I would have to get on a side street before light, at 6:30am.

    • Multimedia says:

      Hello Ken. While the actual parade route and streets directly surrounding it will be closed early, you should be able to access side streets closer to the route for parking by coming in from ‘other’ directions, such as from Stardust, etc.

  4. Cary Chmielewski says:

    I trust the Sheriff/Posse assigned to Pyracantha & Meeker and Spring Meadow & Meeker will briefed to allow ‘trapped’ residents to get out/in during the closure time when the parade is not active on Meeker? For example between 6:30 AM and say 8:45 AM. Also to consider a situation where a resident, perhaps unaware of the parade schedule, is wanting to get out during the parade (ie. doctor appt).

    • Multimedia says:

      Hello Cary. Flyers were hand delivered to all the homes affected by the closures, indicating that people should plan ahead. We have outlined the parade route and feel that sufficient notice has been given to all so that people can plan ahead. The closures are important for the safety of all involved, so we’ve taken these steps to make sure everyone is informed.

  5. Gaye Pack says:

    I do not understand how parade participants get out of the area at the end of the parade when all of the following streets are closed.

    Beardsley & 126th Ave.

    Beardsley & 125th Ave.

    Beardsley & 124th Ave.

    Beardsley & Conquistador

    Beardsley & Old El Mirage

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