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Five Year Plan










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A,Standards Plan,|pdf|
C,Facilities & Amenities,|pdf|
D,Recreation Activities,|pdf|
E,Chartered Clubs,|pdf|
G,Pulte Boomer Clips,|pdf|
H,Five Year Projection,|pdf|
I,Fee Schedule,|pdf|
J,Energy Conservation Study,|pdf|
K,Water & Drought Plan,|pdf|
L,Information Technology,|pdf|
M,Maintenance Spec Plan,|pdf|
N,Architectural Landscaping,|pdf|
O,Marketing Plan,|pdf|
P,Historical Golf,|pdf|
Q,Historical Bowling,|pdf|
R,Long Range Issues,|pdf|

  1. Skortan says:

    5 Year Plan GOAL:
    6. Update WiFi throughout Association.
    • Upgrade WiFi throughout the four recreation campuses with more robust hardware to handle increasing demand and usage from our patrons.
    At Beardsley Rec Center, our craft club cannot even use our personal laptops and ipads to TEACH classes because the wi-fi is so WEAK, we cannot run u-tube videos or project on a screen/white wall for large group class presentations. We have alerted the Facility Director over two years ago of this problem and still it hasn’t been addressed or improved.
    Many of us residents purchased homes in this SCW community because of the marketed facilities…or perceived services. With the importance and ease of use of technology in the 21st century, a properly running wi-fi is a minor cost to the budget.

    • RCSCW PR says:

      Thank you for your comment. Upon review of the history of technology updates at Beardsley Rec Center, records indicate Beardsley was the first site to acquire technology, so presently has the oldest system. However, Beardsley is slated to be the next site to receive installation of our new WiFi equipment this summer. Stay tuned!

  2. Skortan says:

    As I begin reviewing the 5 yr Plan, one of the first thing I noticed was a Comparison Chart of dues from retirement communities all around the western US. Why not compare the AZ West Valley and the East Valley communities with similar size and ammedities? We certainly are not equal in comparison to communities in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Let’s get REAL!!

    • RCSCW PR says:

      Thank you for your message. The comparisons chart you mentioned lists only other Del Webb retirement communities (the SC in front of each name stands for “Sun City”) built with the same basic concept as Sun City West. So we are essentially comparing apples to apples as far as developments are concerned, regardless of location.

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