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Are you keeping in touch this summer?

Are you keeping in touch this summer?

Residents – just because you’re traveling this summer doesn’t mean you can’t stay in touch with what’s happening at the Rec Centers. There’s much happening here in Sun City West during the hottest time of the year, and you’ll want to stay in touch with us.

This may surprise you, but summer is actually a very busy time for the Rec Centers. Activities and clubs may slow down, but maintenance and other projects ramp up. One great way to stay abreast of what’s happening is to follow our social media outlets, and to read the Rec Center News online.

Here are the key places you’ll want to get your news: news updates; event information (including information on ticket sale start dates for events that happen in the fall); our interactive blog; and links to many of our other social media. Under the News link on this page, you will find several valuable links, including one for the Rec Center News online edition. Also on, at the top, you will find links to the following:

E-news: a weekly newsletter that comes out every Wednesday evening with all the latest news from the Rec Centers and its various divisions. Convenient hyperlinks to events, reports, and other information are readily available. Visit to subscribe. A great source for breaking news, photo albums, and two-way communication with the Rec Centers. Also an easy way to share our posts with your out-of-town friends (this is even better in the cooler months when our weather is awesome and they’re getting snow!). Various videos about what’s fun and happening in our community!

BoardDocs: Under the Governance link you will find a link to our Governing Board pages, including agendas, minutes, policies, Bylaws, etc. A great resource!

  1. John Cable says:

    Put onlist

  2. Multimedia says:

    Hello John, if you’re talking about the e-newsletter, visit to subscribe. It didn’t say that in the article, but we’ve updated it now. Thanks.

  3. Stephanie rogall says:

    How about listening to our very own low power fm radio station (103.1fm) or online at Great music and announcements about what’s happening here in SCW. Community chat visits with folks who live here or provide services here. Check it out!

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