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Bryan has been a full-time resident for nearly four years, having moved here with his wife, Debbie, in 2013. He holds a bachelor of science and a master of science degree in computer science and computer architecture/electrical engineering from two different universities known for their engineering and science curriculums.

He recently retired from a 23-year career in information technology as executive project manager for the world’s largest information technology services provider. There he was responsible for planning, administering and managing customer contracts, financial and teams of highly skilled technical staff on multimillion dollar custom IT service to clients worldwide. He also is retired from a prior 15-year career as lead flight test and flight simulation engineer for the largest U.S. aerospace corporation, where he held Department of Defense Secret Security clearance.

Bryan has a history of volunteer service and experience, working as a member of and alongside boards of directors. He served on his homeowner’s association for three years, and recently served four years as an advisor to the board of directors for his vacation condominium owners association. He assisted the board with planning for a $6 million remodeling effort.

He also has served more than 2,500 volunteer hours during a four-year period as a certified EMT and crew chief for a county volunteer ambulance service, and one year on its governing board.

Bryan has extensive experience working with people at all levels, including high level executives in private business, federal, state and local government, and the U.S. military.

“I am known for my ability to listen and consider other people’s positions in order to find common ground for agreement,” he said. “My engineering training, business experience, and past governing board positions allow me to see how issues and problems can become opportunities if carefully managed. I am able to see the ‘big picture’ and also take the time to understand the fine details of issues and problems when necessary. I am always willing to consider new ideas, processes, and procedures if there is clear benefit in implementing the proposed changes.

“I hope to bring a fresh set of ideas and perspective to the RCSCW Governing Board and to our community while working closely with the other Board members. I have enrolled in the Spring 2017 TORCH class. I will make it my priority to listen to and consider all SCW residents’ ideas and concerns with no preconceived notions, agendas, or intents. I believe in looking toward and planning for the future of our community as we work together to continue ensuring SCW is a fun and comfortable place to live and enjoy our collective retirement years while being financially responsible to all owners and residents.

“I welcome the opportunity to serve the residents of Sun City West and would appreciate your support and your vote as I run for a seat on the RCSCW Governing Board in 2017.”

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