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Call North County Fire and Medical when you need them!


Sun City West sadly was the site of a house fire in late April, and the structure was a total loss. It’s a good time to remind our residents that they should call 911 IMMEDIATELY should they recognize an emergency in their home or neighborhood. The North County Fire and Medical District reminds us:

  • Your taxes pay for your firefighters to respond. There are no additional charges for calling 911 for any emergency. Our firefighters are happy to respond to any call for assistance.
  • Calling 911 as soon as you recognize an emergency is the first step to stopping the fire, stroke, etc.  Fire can double every minute, so don’t hesitate to call.

We thank the fire district for these important reminders, and advise our residents to call the district at 623-554-5400 should they have additional questions.

  1. Jane Barlow says:

    I appreciate all that you do to keep us out of harms way. God bless each and every one of you.

  2. I wonder if maybe the person that owned that house thought they would have to pay for the fire department to put that fire out. Maybe it would be good for someone to explain to some of us elderly people that we could be charged for such things as if your alarm system goes off too many times and the police come out for nothing you could have to pay a fine. Or if the EMT’s are called too many times for things like maybe someone falls & can’t get up too many times you could eventually be charged for the call. But you will never be fined for real emergencies.

  3. Multimedia says:

    Yes, thank you, that’s exactly why we published this article. We wanted residents to know that there are NO charges to call 911 for emergency responders in Sun City West.

  4. Fran McHugh says:

    As of 7/1/17 is is now Arizona Fire & Medical Authority.
    They currently use the old,website name, but it is time to update records.

  5. Multimedia says:

    Hello Fran, thanks for your comments, this information was submitted by North County’s PIO. From what we can gather they are ‘part of’ Arizona Fire & Medical Authority, as Sun Lakes is or will be, but our local guys will still be identified as North County Fire & Medical District.

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