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Colorful furniture adds to R.H. Johnson ambiance

Colorful furniture adds to R.H. Johnson ambiance

The R.H. Johnson beautification project continues to come together in a bright, bold way! The final phase is under way and includes the addition of this colorful furniture on the upper level of R.H. Johnson. When we complete the pool and great lawn on the lower section, the complete top to bottom center will be a welcoming attraction with sitting areas throughout.

When the weather cools, you can stop by and bring your lunch, a good book or just browse the Internet on our wifi! The final phase also includes completion of the landscaping and sidewalk along the north side of the building.

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  1. Brenda archambault says:

    Beautiful furniture. I hope it doesn’t land up on someone’s patio!

  2. Karen Bertelsen says:

    Very excited about the new pool and the ability to bring my grandchildren back. They’ve missed it. I wonder if the people who are so against having the children in the pool area ever think of what this attitude could do to our property values. If I was considering purchasing a home in SCW and caught wind of the anti-children attitude, I’d certainly consider going elsewhere.

  3. Susan DeLucia says:

    Furniture is great BUT why put it out during the monsoon season?
    Will it get dusty or blow away? Who will sit out there in the humid monsoon season?
    I don’t understand the timing…

  4. Multimedia says:

    Hello Susan, the mornings can be quite nice and the new furniture is already getting usage. Luckily it’s heavy enough, and protected somewhat within the RHJ courtyard, that it should stay put during storms. FYI, the courtyard gates are locked overnight. Thanks for writing.

  5. Dave Coutts says:

    Love the new furniture. It is very contemporary and goes with the new updated pool area. I just moved here a little over a year ago and love the upgrades!

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