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Connecting Neighbors by Bev Jenkins


I recently completed the TORCH program where I was assigned to the Green Team, which chose as its project, “Connecting Neighbors.” Our team wanted to explore ways to enhance community feeling in Sun City West. While we meet people in the various clubs and activities we are involved in, we didn’t have a way to get to know the people in our respective neighborhoods. In addition, we thought having a digital bulletin board would be nice to communicate neighborhood events, things for sale, lost pets, security issues, etc. 


I talked to as many people as I could to find out if they have something in their neighborhoods that could work in Sun City West. My brother told me about Nextdoor, a website/app that serves as a bulletin board for a neighborhood. I immediately signed up only to find out it was already being used in Sun City West. There are currently 10 neighborhoods set up in Sun City West, and you can also see postings in 17 other neighborhoods close by. You can toggle any of the surrounding neighborhoods on or off. 


The categories on Nextdoor include Recommendations, For Sale & Free, Events, Crime & Safety, Lost & Found, Documents and General. There are also directories for Neighbors, Pets and Public Agencies. You can share as much or as little as you want in your profile. You can also set up groups for a group of houses, or a shared activity. A group can be public or private.


Postings to the categories must comply with the Community Guidelines which are: Be helpful, not hurtful; don’t use Nextdoor as a soapbox; promote local businesses and commerce the right way; use your true identity; and keep it clean and legal. Members can report abuses to Nextdoor for appropriate action. You can hide a thread or even a member’s postings if you don’t want to see it.


You have many options as to how and how often you are notified of the posts in your neighborhood.  You can select text or email.  You can get them immediately, or in a once-a-day summary, which I prefer. 


Currently, there is only a 6 percent participation in my neighborhood, W. Deer Valley Dr.  I hope with some publicity, we can bring that number way up.  I have created a couple’s billiards group and am waiting for others who are interested.  Anyone???



  1. I would like to join “Nextdoor”

  2. Larry & Sherry Gustafson says:

    I am connected in a Nextdoor neighborhood back in our community in Wisconsin. My wife and I find it a helpful and enjoyable way of connecting with our neighbors. As we are currently “Snowbirds”, we would very much like to be connected with our SCW neighbors now and when we return to the Valley of the Sun.

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