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Dead tree at Stardust Golf Course removed


Many of you may have noticed the dead tree between the 1st and 9th fairways at Stardust Golf Course. While the tree has been dead for a number of years, it was a nesting site for our local hawks to raise their young, so it was left standing.


Well, the hawk family has finally moved on and they are nesting in a nearby ‘live’ tree on the 8th hole! We first verified that the old nest was abandoned, and then down came the tree on June 9!


Several new trees will be planted in the large bare area where the dead tree stood (which has been in the plans for some time). Say hello to the hawk family on 8 next time you play Stardust!



  1. Sandy Vanmeulebrouck says:

    My hubby loved to watch their aerial acrobatics from our viewing spot near the second tee. Glad to know that they have a new home on 9. Keep up the great work.

    Sandy and Prosper Vanmeulebrouck

  2. Dick Potts says:

    I thought it was a second family that moved in over at 8. Glad it was the old family and good riddance to that old dead tree…no need to plant more trees, looks good without them.

  3. Great story… Thank you. We’ve become quite attached to our hawk family over the years, as we enjoy their aerial acrobatics from our Arizona room. So happy to know they haven’t left, but instead, have relocated close by. Hopefully, we can still see them as we enjoy morning coffee,
    or night time happy hour with family and friends! So beautiful!

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