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Did You Know …Bill Warren



Community Relations Chair

How many of you remember Will Rogers? You know, that easy-going trick-roping cowboy actor? Will was quite a guy, and a man of many cute and witty catch phrases. One quote Will made was, “Never bring too much of yesterday to today.”  Another one that I remember since I was a kid was, “I never met a man I didn’t like.”

Did you know that we here in Sun City West have our very own Will Rogers? Yes, that’s right. His name is Bill Warren (left). Bill doesn’t do trick roping, although he probably could since he grew up on a farm in New York. Farm boy turned sales guy with a love for people – that’s Bill Warren.

Bill Warren spent much of his childhood and adult life in Indiana. He moved to Sun City West six years ago and almost immediately became involved with the Recreation Centers as an employee. Bill’s first job was at the Kuentz facility as a custodial worker, but he had a desire to learn more. Five years ago, when Wii bowling was moved to the Shuffleboard Room, Bill applied for the position and was placed in charge of Wii bowling. His direction was to set up programming, scheduling and team management for the game.

Starting from scratch and basically with no knowledge of the sport, Bill successfully got everything up and running so that the existing 18 teams could continue their sport. Bill didn’t stop there. Along with his coworkers, he also reconfigures the room for shuffleboard and pro football games. 

Bill’s personal skills are amazing. He has the unique capability to draw you in and want to become part of his world of fun and play. Bill has grown the Wii Bowling sport from 18 teams to almost 50. He has tournaments, and supplies snacks and drinks for the players. He has this air about him that encourages you to want to talk – yes, much like that bartender that you may have spent so many hours talking to. Everyone who has met Bill loves him. What an ambassador we have for Sun City West. 

Can you believe this guy? Well, we’re not done yet. If you stop by the Shuffleboard Room you will see all kinds of people playing Wii bowling. It doesn’t matter what your handicap is. There are people in wheelchairs, those with canes and others who have very little mobility playing Wii bowling. Many of them put me to shame watching them play.

Yes, Bill Warren is truly a social butterfly, a man with exceptional social skills that are hard to find. When you ask him why he does all this, he will tell you that he loves people and loves helping them enjoy life when they come to the Recreation Centers. 

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Bill Warren is truly the Will Rogers of Sun City West, and we are so lucky to have him. For all you non-believers, stop by the Shuffleboard Room sometime and see for yourself. Who knows, I could very well be Wii bowling against you soon.

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  1. Mike Ward says:

    Bill, Is a Knight of Columbus and has chaired our major fund raising activities and has been the caller at our bingo on Sunday’s. He is Mr. Amazing.

  2. Joe Knese says:


  3. John Rehman says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Marion, regarding your comments about Bill Warren. Bill has been our house watcher for the past four years and we couldn’t be happier with the job that he has done. He’s such a kind man and oh so conscientious. He goes out of his way to satisfy. We feel blessed in knowing a real life Will Rogers !

  4. Very well written Marion. And everything you said about Bill is absolutely true. He is the kind of guy that everyone can & does tell their troubles to. He cares about all of us and it shows. And it isn’t just us either. In his “spare time” he is always willing to help his neighbors and friends. He truly is our Will Rogers.

  5. Bill is truly one of the most sincere people I know. Very well-written article.

  6. Anita Kellner says:

    Bill is a Sweetheart to all that know him.

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