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Did you know …PORA President Rob Robbins


by Marion Mosley, community relations chair

Did you know that we have an honest to goodness mover and shaker in town? Yes, that’s right.  Meet Mr. Rob Robbins, current president of PORA.  Mr. Robbins came to us in Sun City West from Fresno, Calif., in 2014.  He and his lovely wife, Peggy (the Rec Centers’ president and another mover and shaker who I will introduce you to in another article), immediately became involved with Sun City West by joining our TORCH class where they learned all about how our community works.

Once finished with TORCH, Mr. Robbins began looking for ways he could become involved. Soon after, he applied for and was elected to the PORA Board of Directors where he was assigned to the Roads and Traffic committee.  Prior to his role on the committee, attendance by key community personnel was sporadic. But by the end of the year, members of county, state and our neighboring Surprise City Council, the SCW Posse and PRIDES were participating. You could even see our county sheriff, an APS executive, and on occasion, our county supervisor.

In 2015, Mr. Robbins was elected to the position of PORA president, a position he continues to hold.  As president, he has made some significant changes in PORA’s infrastructure.  A new executive director was hired and several changes made within the PORA staff. Departments within PORA have been relocated to meet growing needs for expansion, and Mr. Robbins isn’t done yet. Several enhancements are in the works for the future.

Two significant changes that are readily visible are:

1) a new PORA logo and slogan were designed and passed by the Board.  That’s right, no longer will you see the sheriff’s-looking badge.  Now a more warm and friendly logo can be seen. If you haven’t been on the PORA website or received the e-newsletter, you should check them out.

2) PORA has personally taken on the battle for the Posse, negotiating directly with MCSO on the issue and rumor is that PORA is making progress.

Why is all this happening?  Just attend some of their meetings and you will see for yourself.  Mr. Robbins’ unique talent to deal with chief executives is top drawer.  Most recently he was appointed to an ex-officio position on the Surprise City Council, a first for Sun City West.  Mr. Robbins has even taken on the very arduous task of addressing our community CC&R issues.  He recently assigned one of the new PORA board members the task of creating procedures that define how and when CC&R issues should be handled. 

If you are interested in attending PORA board meetings, you may want to check your calendars because they have been changed as well.  The Board now meets in a workshop monthly.  Board meetings are now quarterly, falling in line more with the way Board meetings are held industry-wide.  This leaves PORA’s board members more time to work on important issues rather than spending time in meetings.

Much more could be said about Mr. Robbins’ leadership, but I will let you check into that to see for yourself. If you’re not a PORA member, I would encourage you to join.  Things that are under way at PORA need your support.  Don’t forget to sign up for the PORA e-newsletter where you can get first-hand information on our community.

A little background on Mr. Robbins:

  • Married to Peggy Robbins, current Recreation Center Governing Board President.
  • Two children
  • Seven grandchildren

Mr. Robbins holds a bachelor of science degree in bacteriology and public health; and a master’s in food technology, both from Washington State University.

  1. S. Cochrane says:

    Another very interesting and well written article, Marion. Can’t wait to read your next one.

  2. Sandy Ver Voort says:

    Another great article on the people behind what makes SCW work so well

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