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Did You Know …Wild-colored golf attire


by Marion Mosley
Governing Board Director


Who said our residents dress in dull and boring attire? Have you been around any of our facilities lately, especially our golf courses? If you have not, let me tell you what you will see: vivid, colorful and sometimes wild attire.


Yep, you would think we have a population of 20- to 30-year-old residents. Just take a look at some outfits I caught on camera recently. It seems that our gentlemen are a little braver than the ladies. I see that changing though.




It appears that when you move to Sun City West, you get this urge to say; “Now I can do and dress the way I want.” Well, hallelujah for that. All those years of wearing uniforms and/or suits are past. Thank goodness for that. Several people I’ve met here have worn nothing but shorts (and tops). Long pants and dresses are only for special occasions.




You don’t need to go too far to find a colorful wardrobe. Just stop by the Grandview Pro Shop. Take a look at what you will find. Be prepared for that WOW factor because some items are quite striking.




So, what do you think? Is it time for you to step out of that safety zone and get a little radical? Ask yourself, “Why not?” I’ll be looking for you, in all those crazy colors. It’s time to add a little more zing to our community. After all, many of us already wear those bling jeans.

  1. David Teslow says:

    Great info Marion. Let’s go bright and colorful. Have a great summer my friend.

  2. Mary mcGrath says:

    I think it’s great to bring the latest fashion to our golfing community. Great place to live. Thanks, Mary

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