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Do not park ‘for sale’ vehicles on RCSCW property

Do not park ‘for sale’ vehicles on RCSCW property

Members and guests, please be aware that the Association’s policies prohibit parking of for-sale vehicles on our premises.

We have noticed an increase of these vehicles, particularly near the lower portion of the R.H. Johnson parking lot near Fry’s, as shown in photos, taken near the traffic light at R.H. Johnson Blvd.

We appreciate your cooperation in keeping our Association property free from for-sale vehicles. There are other areas in and near Sun City West where you may park vehicles for sale. Newspaper advertisements also are available.

When we find vehicles left for sale on our private property, we attempt to notify the owner and have them removed. But ultimately they may be tagged with a violation sticker and will be  towed at the owner’s expense. Thank you for your assistance in keeping Sun City West the beautiful community it is!



  1. I fully endorse the ban on selling used cars on RCSCW property. Put an ad in the paper, post it on the bulletin board at the Spoerts Center, or trade it in. The Rec Center properties should not become used car sales lot. Keep enforcing the rules.

  2. While on the subject of parked cars, would you please address keeping the alleys open for emergency vehicles and ease in getting in/out of garages as we all need to do a wide turn to properly pull into our garages. All the alleys have designated parking areas for guests as well as residents. Whether there are rules/regulations or not, it boils down to RESPECT YOUR NEIGHBOR – Keep alleys open to local traffic!

    • Multimedia says:

      Hi Shirl. The Association does not have any say over parking on your private property. Check with your HOA and ask them to enforce. Have a great day.

  3. For those looking for or disposing of a vehicle it sounds like there is a needed service. For those not it sounds like an eye sore. It may be a time for a solution rather than excuses or whining. How does that happen in SCW? A TORCH committee?

  4. This is a retirement community of people who want to enjoy the lovely areas we contribute to care for. When you chose to live here you agreed to follow the rules so please follow them. I’m pleased that this is being enforced. Keep it up.

  5. Dan Lisiecki says:

    You said the same thing when parking golf cart between cars and on the striped lines in the parking lots.Well last Thursday and Friday at the Beardsley concerts,they were parked all over the place,and on every single line in both lots.You had your Top brass from the rec center taking tickets there and more cops there then the Sheriffs office roll call in the morning.Yet you did nothing about it.Why ?

    • Multimedia says:

      Hello Dan. The officers are there to control traffic in the street and to monitor the park area. They are not parking lot monitors. We always hope that folks will park properly. When we are made aware of a particular situation, we address it. For example, if a member had brought us the license plate number of a car that was illegally parked, we would have announced it. If a vehicle is blocking an entry way, we would have it removed.

  6. Thank you for enforcing this!!! We already have used car lot within the walls (at the station on the corner of our RHJohnson and Camino de Sol) — which is an eyesore, so we don’t need them popping up in every parking lot throughout the community.

  7. Keep up the good work you’re doing, no parking for sale in our community.

  8. Carol Berka says:

    I really see no problem using the corner at RHJ for this purpose – maybe limit to certain days only?

    • Multimedia says:

      Sorry Carol, but we disagree. As we said, we are not in the business of selling cars, and it is not something we want to try to manage. Our role is to maintain and operate the RCSCW amenities and services.

  9. Dave Previni says:

    Your article says there are other areas in and near Sun City West where you may park vehicles for sale. Where are they?

    • Hi Dave. We don’t keep a list of businesses that allow this, but we have seen for-sale vehicles parked at other properties around town. Used car sales are beyond our purview. Our concern is the aesthetics and upkeep of RCSCW properties.

  10. I can understand and support the efforts to keep Sun City West a beautiful community. However, it would be nice to have an area in SCW where residents can go to park cars for sale by owner. Perhaps a few parking spaces, on a reserved bases, near the Auto Restoration building could be designated for day use only. It would be a benefit to those buying and selling cars in the community.

    • Hi C Lyman. We have found that if even one for-sale vehicle is allowed to sit for just a day on our properties, it immediately attracts more in a very short period of time. This becomes and eyesore and a safety hazard as passersby start stopping and parking haphazardly to check out the vehicles that are for sale. Still others will see this as a sign that it’s OK on any of our properties, and will then invent new places to park their for-sale vehicles that sometimes block the line of sight for traffic. We receive many complaints from residents when for-sale vehicles appear on our properties, so we enforce the rule across the board as soon as we are aware of it. We are not in the business of selling cars, and it is not something we want to try to manage. Our role is to maintain and operate the RCSCW amenities and services.

  11. What does parking a car in this area with a for sale sign on it hurt? No one is using this area for parking for Rec. Center events anyway. There are not that many cars parked there anyway. Why do you guys feel the need to try and control every aspect of other peoples lives?

    • Hi Joe. Please see our response to C Lyman. Allowing one vehicle for sale soon attracts many others. And yes it does become a safety issue. Not to mention an eyesore. The majority of our residents insist we keep up the appearance of this community as it was when they moved here.

  12. Robert Downes says:


    • Hi Mr. Downes. We do not maintain a list of places to sell used cars. You might try contacting individual businesses and see if they will allow it on their properties. It is not allowed on any RCSCW properties.

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