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Election unnecessary; three directors-elect named


Because the Rec Centers has exactly three candidates for three open positions on the Governing Board next fiscal year, there is no need for an election this March.

The deadline to submit petitions for candidacy to run for the Board was Jan. 2. Three candidates submitted paperwork by the deadline. Congratulations to Barbara Senefeld, George Kuchtyak and Jim Young, who will be seated on the Board July 1.

They will join continuing Directors Jim Sloan, Marion Mosley, Dean Cross, Tim Hurley, Bob Garrett and Bryan Walus. Terms for President Peggy Robbins and Directors Vivien Wallis and Ed Van Cott end on June 30.

The Rec Centers is served by a nine-member volunteer Governing Board. Each year, three new directors are elected to three-year terms.

The Association thanks these Directors and Directors-elect who have taken the time to dedicate themselves to the betterment of our Association through their policymaking and guidance. For more information about the Board, or the Board’s committees, call 623-544-6115.

  1. Paul Horvick says:

    Although permitted by the rules of SCW, this position deprives the residents their vote. I understand that it “makes no difference,” but seems like poor PR.

    • Hi Mr. Horvick. We try very hard through TORCH, media and other efforts to encourage residents to run for the Board so we can provide a competitive election. But when there are not enough candidates, the $5,000-plus cost to run an election does not make it worth the effort just to allow people to cast a symbolic vote. We certainly hope more people will choose to run next year.

  2. Renee Kunkel says:


  3. You might get more candidates if you didn’t have to gather signatures.

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