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Facilities Maintenance assists KSCW 103.1 FM


Having trouble tuning in to KSCW recently? There is a good reason for that, but the Broadcast Club and Facilities Maintenance are working on it. During a recent monsoon storm, either an electromagnetic pulse or flying debris hit the radio antenna tower at KSCW 103.1 FM, causing the radio station to go off air on Sunday, July 16.

Station engineers did diagnostic testing and it was thought that there was a short in a small cable that travels inside the pole to the antenna. Since they had a piece that would work temporarily until ordered parts arrived, the Rec Centers Facilities Maintenance Department, under the supervision of Russ Boston, took one of the club’s engineers, Dwight Senne, up in the bucket truck to change it out.

Unfortunately, the temporary fix only lasted about 8 hours, at which time the transmitter had to be turned off to prevent possible further damage to the broadcast equipment. A ride back up in the bucket truck, thanks again to Maintenance, on July 26, showed there was still too much “reflected power” – meaning something else was still wrong, most likely something in the cable or connections outside on the tower. It’s possible, but much less likely, that a part inside the transmitter or the antenna itself is damaged.

And so, in order to be able to broadcast while this is all sorted out, a temporary antenna was installed July 27. It’s a Halco Model 1 that club member Hal Lind built years ago, and allows the club to get a good signal out to most or all of Sun City West. The antenna, a cable and PVC pipe invention, affectionately known as “Hal” is precisely tuned to 103.1 – and the adventure continues.

The Broadcast Club of Sun City West gives big thanks to Facilities Maintenance personnel for helping them to get back on the air!

Photo: Here’s a photo of the Hal 1 antenna from a few years ago, as well as some recent photos of attempted repairs.


  1. Just love listening to the Radio Station.. It has a great mix of music that everybody can enjoy. Realy really wish we could use our very own radio station at our Rec Centers instead of the costly XM or Directv radio services.

  2. Like the reasonably cost XM radio at the rec Ctrs.

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