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Faster, easier Tenant Activity Card process!

Faster, easier Tenant Activity Card process!

We are implementing a new, faster, easier way to get Tenant Activity Cards!

Please start using this simplified form for your Tenant Lease (FORM) This is the only information we need at Sun City West Member Services to give a Tenant Activity Card. This form can be filled out and emailed to:

4 EASY steps to get a Tenant Activity Card:

  1. Complete the Lease form and email it to

Be sure to provide a phone number.

  1. Once we’ve input your information into our system, we’ll contact you by phone for payment ($75/tenant per month).
  2. If you’ve previously had a card and we still have your picture we can reprint your card, if not you’ll have to stop by our office the first time. We’ve taken the expiration date off the cards, so once you get our NEW Tenant Card we simply update your information in our computer system.
  3. Each month you can call and pay for additional months instead of standing in those long lines each month!

If you have any questions or concerns you can email us at: or call 623-544-6100 Monday thru Friday 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

  1. Ronald Douglas says:

    I am already set up in your computer system. I am a renter tenant From Jan. thru March 2018. Why can’t I purchase my rec cards now for January? I would do it over the phone with a credit card and a good friend from S.C.W. would pick them up so when I arrive on the 1st of Jan. I can use them especially for golf. I lose a couple of days if I have to wait until you reopen.

    • Multimedia says:

      Hello Ronald, you already heard from us via email, but since this is of public interest, we’re going to respond here as well. We do have a new system in place that you can pay for your Tenant Card prior to your arrival in January. Read our FASTER, EASIER TENANT ACTIVITY CARD PROCESS! article at and it will explain how to proceed. Here’s a link to the article:

  2. Hmmmmm, in most cases? Doesnt sound like America. Well today, maybe it does.

  3. When it said your comment is awaiting moderation, that seems gestapo as if you are stopping free speech. Realize you might have language concerns but hope you would moderate free speech opinions

    • Multimedia says:

      All comments are moderated to keep spammers and bots off of our site Jimbo. We do not moderate people’s opinions unless they contain profanity in most cases.

  4. Curious does a tennant card cost $900 for the year, 1 person? 75 times 12

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