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Fresh Baked Cookies, Pizza and Pretzels are in the house!


Come by Pebblebrook, Deer Valley, Echo Mesa, Stardust, Desert Trails and Trail Ridge Golf Courses and enjoy the smell of fresh baked Otis Spunkmeyer cookies that will be simply irresistible. Maybe even a cup of coffee for dunking the cookie….yummy!  You get two big cookies for only $1.  It’s a sweet deal!

Whether you are playing golf or just out and about in the neighborhood, stop in and treat yourself, you deserve it!  We look forward to seeing you.

AND NOW AT  Deer Valley and Desert Trails, you can enjoy pizza and soft cheese filled warm pretzels; at Trail Ridge, you can enjoy the warm pretzels…….so what are you waiting for…….come out and have some lunch and camaraderie with your neighbors.  It’s not just for golfers.

  1. This sounds yummy. hope I remember.

  2. Wow. Cookies and golf are a “match” made in heaven.

  3. Mike Lindner says:

    When playing with the Deer Valley Men’s league, it is our tradition that the captain that week has to buy cookies for the team when we make the turn. Judy tells us she bakes them with love. They taste great!

  4. I am a SCG resident interested in SCW activities. I have a SCW activity card. Can I stop by for coffee and cookies?

  5. Hi Randall. It sounds like you have a CNP Golf card. Thank you for patronizing our courses! With or without that card, you are more than welcome to stop by a pro shop for coffee and cookies. Other Sun City West activities, such as clubs and rec centers and certain special events, are open only to residents. Thank you for checking with us, and enjoy the cookies!

  6. Debbie W says:

    Cookies are now at Trail Ridge Golf Course as well.

  7. Multimedia says:

    Thanks Debbie, I’ll be sure Lynn in Golf Ops knows that for her e-news contribution next week!

  8. Today is Wed. 4/12/17 No Pizza or Pretzels at Echo Mesa

  9. Multimedia says:

    Sorry to hear that Frank, we will notify Golf Ops …perhaps there was an error in their submitted article. Thanks for being our eyes and ears.

  10. Skip Clark says:

    How do I get a Public Frequent Player card? And, what does it mean? I live close to SCW but not close enough.
    Skip Clark

  11. Multimedia says:

    Hi Skip, you can get all of the information you need about the card by giving Golf Operations a call at 623-544-6037. Have a great day.

  12. Coffee is wonderful, and scenery is beautiful at all of the golf clubs. If you haven’t already, I’d highly suggest dropping by the clubs for a wonderful cup of coffee. Also, two clubs, Grandview and Hillcrest, have a breakfast menu. Great place to take your visitors to showcase our beautiful community!!! Love it.

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