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Budget Forums 2018

Budget Forums 2018

Recreation Centers of Sun City West General Manager Mike Whiting has scheduled Budget Forums and invites the community to attend to learn about the proposed fiscal plan for 2018-19.


The sessions are:


  • 10 a.m. Tuesday, April 24, in Palm Ridge’s Summit Hall B, 13800 Deer Valley Drive, Sun City West
  • 1 p.m. Thursday, April 26, in the R.H. Johnson Lecture Hall, 19803 R.H. Johnson Blvd.
  • 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 2, in the Lecture Hall.


Whiting will give a PowerPoint presentation about the proposed operations and capital budget, including owner member dues, Asset Preservation Fee, golf and bowling fees. There will be time for questions from members.


The Rec Centers has posted the proposed FY18-19 Budget Package, which will be presented at the upcoming community forums and sent to the Board for a vote in May. Check it out and plan to attend the forums!


Community members are encouraged to attend one of these sessions.

  1. Dean Henson says:

    I understand that since one of the Ramadas at Beardsley that was damaged by wind is to be replaced and since the material for it is not the same as the others, they will be replaced also. I do not think that most people in the community would mind a bit if the new one did not match the others. With this kind of thinking, it is no wonder our dues continue to climb. I think that it is time the Board shows some financial responsibility.

    • Multimedia says:

      Hi Dean, thank you for your comments. Due to the high cost coming in from multiple vendors for all to be rebuilt new, we are currently looking at alternative options. We do have a budgeted amount to repair or replace all of them in FY 2018/19, but nothing has been put into motion yet.

  2. Every year we are subjected to the same discussion: the Rec fee will have to be raised. It was mentioned that we have over 19 million plus in reserve monies. Why do we have to have such a large amount? How about trying to do things with less if you feel upgrades are needed. But not every year. Pretty soon you will have to upgrade homes that were built in the 70s so they will be equal to the standards you think we should have. We were never meant to be a country club per Del Webb.

    • Multimedia says:

      Hi Margit. Thank you for your comments. We understand your concern. Sun City West has among the lowest dues in the nation for planned communities, despite having more amenities than most others. We work hard to keep dues as low as possible, while still maintaining the facilities at a level equal, in modern terms, to what Del Webb would have done. Despite that, the cost of just about everything is increasing these days. Minimum wage was a huge factor this year, and most such increases are out of our control. Our reserves are an important reason we have such a solid community. We ensure we have enough money to repair/replace equipment and amenities as they wear out. Not having adequate reserves increases the likelihood of a special assessment, which nobody wants. We have never had a special assessment here in Sun City West. Instead, we plan moderate, predictable increases to maintain what we have. Our Governing Board wants to have our reserves 70 percent funded – at 70 percent, most advisers would say the risk of a special assessment is very very small. We are not quite at 70 percent, which is why we are increasing the $19 million. We invite you to please attend one of the budget sessions to learn more.

      • Margit says:

        Thanks for your reply. But the yearly increase in dues does sound as an assessment. Couldn’t we do one year without raising the dues????

        • RCSCW PR says:

          Hi Margit. Thank you for your comment. We did go one year without raising dues a few years back. That ended up requiring a greater dues increase in the subsequent year because projects and maintenance were pushed off a year or two. That’s why we prefer to have predictable, smaller increases instead of unsteady, unpredictable large increases in between years of no increases.

  3. Has the budget ever been changed because of comments made at a forum? Details if it has.

    • Multimedia says:

      Generally that doesn’t happen Dale, although there have been minor tweaks over the years post-budget forums. By the time the budget gets to the stage where the General Manager is presenting it to the public, it has been through numerous committees. Any and all modifications tend to happen at that stage, not once it’s ready to be presented.

  4. Why aren’t the salary range shown for each position within SCW budget?

    • RCSCW PR says:

      Hi Russell. Salary scales/ranges are posted on the Association website under the Association Management page. The salary ranges include each position within the range and are used by HR during the hiring of association employees.

      Budgets and the information included in the budget packet vary by organization and industry. Salary ranges by position is not a driver in determining the personnel budget. The drivers for building salary, wage and benefits are the detail of employees including current pay rates, benefit elections, employee status (FT/PT/salary, etc.) and approved positions/historical hours by department. The overall budget contains information required under the Governing Board Financial Policy Fi15.

      • Thank you for the information. In the positions that I believe are not paid by the hour, what do the other two columns listed below them represent?

        • HI Russell. If you’re talking about page 24 of the BF-Budget Presentation document, the reference to future increases is referring to hourly employees. The minimum wage will bump up 50 cents each year until hitting $12 in 2020, then increasing per the COLA every year after that. This is dictated by state law. If you have additional questions, please let us know what page you are referring to. You are also encouraged to attend one of our upcoming budget forums

      • Kathy Leathers says:

        Why not charge non residents more for attending activities here? Why should outsiders pay same amount as residents? Just add a rec card # space to your online ticketing. Or make purchasers show rec card. More $ for budget.

        • Multimedia says:

          Hi Kathy. Thank you for your question. As of right now, the ticketing software we use does not allow for integration with rec card numbers. The vendor does not wish to revise the software to allow this functionality. We will look at it again next year in the new budget.

  5. Dudley Gibson says:

    Is the 2019 proposed capital budget available on line?

    • Multimedia says:

      Good morning Dudley. The proposed budget still has a couple of committees to go through, but we’re told it should be uploaded sometime during the first week of April.

  6. Steve Nebel says:

    For the coming fiscal year, golf fees and bowling fees should be reduced. We have plenty of money saved here in SCW and should hold the line on any and all increases.

    • Multimedia says:

      Hello Steve. Thank you for your comments. As you know in this day and age the cost of most goods and services increases each year – minimum wage saw an especially big jump recently. All of those factors impact us. To learn more we encourage you to attend Budget & Finance meetings or the upcoming General Manager’s Budget Forums. Here’s a link to the article about the forums. The next B & F meeting is 1 p.m. tomorrow, in the Governing Board conference room at the Admin office at R.H. Johnson. (Correction made to time, actual time is 1 p.m.)

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