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Glen is a successful, conservative business man with over 30 years’ experience in the insurance and investment fields with responsibilities for expenses and revenues. He spent 28 years in corporate management and believes that background has helped prepare him to guide the community as a member of the Recreation Centers of Sun City West Board.

Glen came to Sun City West five years ago after checking out various other senior communities. “We chose Sun City West because of the great amenities offered through the Recreation Centers and clubs and the sense of community we have here,” he said.

“I feel that all organizations, whether government, corporate or nonprofit should regularly look within their organizational policies and procedures to find ways to help reduce costs and improve their efficiency. For Sun City West, that means looking at ways to reduce expenses rather than looking to the residents for annual dues increases.”

For the past three years, Glen has served as president of the Johnson Lapidary Club. The club instituted a number of updates with policies and equipment that help the members get the most from their club experience, while reducing membership dues.

“Sun City West is a great community to live in; if I am elected to the Sun City West Recreation Board, I will devote the time and effort required to serve the community. I am willing to ask the hard questions and to help come up with the answers and solutions to our problems, while still being fiscally responsible to our residents.”

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