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Golf Club Theft is on the Rise


Attention fellow neighbors and residents of Sun City West:

Golf Operations Coordinator


I have received several reports from members about clubs being removed from open garage doors.  This is occurring in as long as it takes to put your groceries in the house from your car.  You cannot leave garage doors open for any length of time without someone around to watch.

UPDATEJust as recently as Thursday, May 10 around 6:00 pm, another set up new clubs were removed from an open garage door within a 5 to 10 minutes of the owner going in and out of his home in preparation to go to the golf course.  This occurred around the PB golf course on West Ashwood Dr.

About 3 weeks ago, Sunday afternoon, 3 homes on the same street had their golf clubs removed from open garages.  Another similar incident happened this last week.  In both reported cases, people were taking in groceries.  Another occurred this last weekend at one of the golf courses where a new set of clubs were removed directly from a golf cart.


Please, EVERYONE, be aware of your surroundings, keep the garage doors closed, protect your possessions and be safe!


  1. Dennis Gratke says:

    The thieves are not stealing golf clubs to play golf, they are stealing them to turn them into cash. So how do they turn them into cash?? Pawn shops? Maybe send a list/description of stolen items to all local pawn shops. Maybe they sell them online; ie Craigslist. So watch Craigslist for stolen items. Just my 2 cents worth!!!

  2. Susan Smith says:

    Add another set of expensive clubs stolen off the back of a golf cart parked in our driveway- late afternoon. These thieves are shopping in our neighborhood- we are sitting ducks with no protection from the County. Golf carts are also being stolen… look around at the drivers in our neighborhood…. 60% don’t live here; those cutting through; workers (always speeding) and those driving through quiet streets looking to steal anything they can find. We are sitting ducks and something must be done.

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