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Golf course employee enters Doc Holliday contest


Assistant Superintendent at Desert Trails, Shawn Bordine, entered a Doc Holliday lookalike contest in Tombstone in August and came away with second place!

Shawn tells us that he was #36 in the parade of entries, and Val Kilmer was the Grand Marshall as well as one of the judges. There were 20,000 people in Tombstone that day, the most ever recorded in the city since it was founded.

Entrants walked the town back and forth after the parade so people could see them, and judging began at 4 p.m. Shawn missed coming in first place by a half a point! He was told the only reason he didn’t win is because the gentleman who took the trophy had a ‘stunt’ blood ball he ruptured in his mouth, before coughing it up into his handkerchief, adding some real Doc Holliday flavor and reference to the movie “Tombstone” that won it for him.

One question the judges asked Shawn was “is this your first time dressing up as Doc Holliday?” to which he replied, “yes, because my wife doesn’t like me dressing up like this.” He got a big laugh for that story, and had a very enjoyable experience. 

Thanks for sharing your story and photos Shawn!

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