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Governing Board develops 2018-19 goals


The Recreation Centers of Sun City West Governing Board wrapped up a recent training session by developing six goals for 2018-19.


The goals capped two days of training July 9-10 at Palm Ridge Recreation Center where new and continuing directors learned about Association Bylaws, non-profit law, open meetings laws and more. They discussed communication strategies, committees, changing demographics, capital needs, and other general topics.


The Board concluded by developing six goals to guide them in the next fiscal year. Because the two days were a training session and not a regular meeting, the goals were not formally approved. That will have to occur at a regular Board meeting. Those resume in September.


However, the general consensus among the eight Directors in attendance was that they wanted to work on the following:


1. Review the Standing Committees and their charters in the Bylaws
2. Train Committee Chairs on their roles
3. Review plans for the future and determine next steps
4. Review the Space Utilization Study, and communicate recommendations via Committees; work with staff to implement
5. Complete Bylaw review. Determine if a community vote is necessary on any of the proposed changes
6. Improve the Board’s visibility/communication in the community


The newest and ninth director, Anita DeGumbia, was selected on July 9 to fill a vacancy on the Board.  She was unable to attend the training.


Governing Board directors participate in a team building exercise.

  1. Diane Cheney says:

    I am so glad to see that you are going to do training for committee chairs, a goal that we tried to promote in the Long Range Planning Committee. At that time, Jim Young was sitting in the audience and said he was against it. I’m so glad to see that all are for it.

  2. D.Warren says:

    Who conducted the training during the two days?

    • Multimedia says:

      Hi D.Warren. The board president was very involved and actually set the agenda. Training was also facilitated by key staff and the Association’s attorney.

  3. margaret gibb says:

    Congratulations and Good Luck to our new board. It’s a challenge to manage the staff & run this community efficiently & effectively. Thank you for volunteering!!

  4. What is the game being played?

    • Multimedia says:

      Hi Dole. The exercise is called “Helium Stick” and we just got a rundown on this communication game. Participants are lined up facing each other and they support a long stick (dowel or tent pole) by alternating their index fingers underneath it. The goal is to lower the stick as a group, without anyone’s fingers losing contact with it. What happens is as you begin to slowly lower the stick, invariably people’s fingers lose contact with the stick down the line, at which time those folks, in order to regain contact, raise the stick. Others follow suit in order to keep contact and the stick ends of rising instead of lowering. As time goes on, communication increases in an attempt to reach the goal. Fun and enlightening!

  5. Carol Nugent says:

    how does someone go about getting onto the board?

    • Multimedia says:

      Hi Carol. Each year 3 seats come up for replacement. On Nov. 1 petitions are available through the Governing Board executive assistant. You must collect 200 signatures of Owner Members in good standing by the first business day in January. Once signatures are turned in and validated, you earn a place on the ballot. Our annual election is held in March. The only time an election is not held is if there are only 3 candidates to fill the open seats, and there are no other ballot considerations requiring a vote. For more information you can reach GB Executive Assistant Karen Roepken at 623-544-6115 or These volunteer positions can be difficult to fill at times and we hope you decide to get involved!

  6. Caroline says:

    I’m so impressed with our new Board and look forward to seeing you all in action.

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