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Green Team Golf: Relaxed, non-competitive play


IMG_2735 copyContact the Green Team at

Green Team Golf is designed for all levels of golfing as long as the aim is fun — but the focus is on low-key play for the newer golfer or for someone who’s been away from the game for awhile!  We play year round on Sun City West executive courses, Stardust, Echo Mesa, & Desert Trails, with Stardust being our home base.

If you are looking for a relaxed, non-competitive golfing experience, the Green Team may be for you.

Typically, Green Team golfers are people who want to enjoy themselves and others along with our beautiful Arizona weather.  For those wishing to improve their skills, Green Team mentors and conducts free clinics in small group settings with plenty of hands-on opportunity to work on skills and technique.  There are no dues or membership fees.  It’s for Sun City West residents, their guests, and public players from qualifying senior communities.

Come solo, as a couple, or bring your own foursome — no handicap needed! Share a golf cart or walk the course; the Green Team will try to accommodate you.

Stop by soon and see the Green Team in action, pick up lots of valuable information, and consider signing up for the next play date. Here’s a look at the schedule for the upcoming months:



Mar. 17       9:00 am at Desert Trails

Mar. 24       8:30 am at Stardust

Mar. 31        8:30 am at Stardust

Apr. 7           9:00 am at Desert Trails

Apr. 14         8:30 am at Stardust

Apr. 21         8:30 am at Stardust

Apr. 28        8:30 am at Stardust

For more information — or to join, email

  1. Larry Franson says:

    I would like to sign up for your Green Team. Larry

  2. Multimedia says:

    Hi Larry, that’s great that you’re interested in the Green Team golfing experience! You can contact them via email at Ask for their upcoming dates/golf courses so you can stop by to see them in action!

  3. Please sign me up for Green Team e-mail list

  4. Please sign me up for your Green Team.
    Thanks, Barb

  5. Hi Maxine and hi Barb, I passed your email addresses along to the Green Team, just to be sure you get added. Best of luck with Green Team golf!

  6. Nick Gubelli says:

    I haven’t played golf for 20 years. came to scw and got into playing again love the GREEN TEAM.If i want to use the sand wedge i can. At 85 i can play the red tees.You can play 9 holes or 18 if you like.LOVE IT LOVE IT.

  7. Jeanne Naughton says:

    My daughter and I would like to join and play the Green team this Saturday May 2nd at Echo Messa at 8:30 if you still have room for us.
    Jeanne Naughton

  8. Multimedia says:

    Hi Jeanne, the way to contact the Green Team Golf folks is via, or I would suggest you stop by Echo Mesa tomorrow morning to meet them, see if they have room for you, and definitely sign up for their next outing! We hear they’re a friendly bunch and have a lot of fun.

  9. Jeanne Naughton says:

    I would like to sign up for the green team.

  10. Multimedia says:

    Jeanne, I think you meant to email them, but posted on the community news site monitored by RCSCW again instead. Email the Green Team at and have fun!

  11. Adina Sowle says:

    I would like to play golf with your group. I have just moved into the Stardust area of Sun City West. I have been away from golf for awhile but would like to get back into the swing. The greatest is the being with the ladies and having FUN!! I will try to make it to the Stardust Sept. 5th at 7:30. If I need to know anything before please let me know. Is their a dress code for the clubs here?

  12. Multimedia says:

    Hi Adina, I’ve forwarded your info to the Green Team at Enjoy!

  13. Ruth Wopat says:

    Please add me to your mailing list.

  14. Multimedia says:

    Hi Ruth, I’ll forward your contact information to the Green Team folks. If you need to reach them for more information — or to join, email

  15. (Ed) edmund l english says:

    I am a newbe and would like to get involved thanks

  16. Hello Ed, that’s great …make sure you contact the Green Team folks via the email address in the article:

  17. SUsan Evans says:

    I signed up for golf on January 30th. My rec # is ****** (redacted) looking forward to meeting the group. Susan Evans

  18. Multimedia says:

    That’s great Susan, we hope you enjoy!!

  19. Mike Scheuermann says:

    Hi,I would like to start golfing again. I’m hoping you have room this Week the 20th of Feb.

  20. Hi Mike, the way to reach the Green Team is via their email at, I’ll pass your info along to them, so hopefully they’ll be in touch.

  21. Nancy skinner says:

    I’m interested in this please send me your online newsletter. Thank uoi

  22. Multimedia says:

    Hi Nancy, thanks for writing. There are a few green team outings left this month: Mar. 12 at Desert Trails at 9 a.m.; Mar. 19 at Stardust at 10 a.m.; and Mar. 26 at Stardust at 9 a.m. The green team folks likely won’t see your post here, so for more information — or to join, please email Have a great day.

  23. Lois Underwood says:

    Hi! I made a mistake and signed up for May 21 instead of May 14th. Is there any way that Doug and I can be added to this coming Saturday’s schedule?
    Doug Underwood
    Lois Underwood

  24. Multimedia says:

    Hi Lois, we’ve forwarded your contact information (redacted above) to the Green Team via email. You might just show up this Saturday if you don’t hear back …I think they’re pretty flexible about fitting folks in. A real laid back crowd.

  25. Wendy Venske says:

    WOULD LIKE TO GET BACK TO LESSONS AND PLAY WITH GREEN TEAM. please add new email address to your list thanks

  26. Hello Wendy, I forwarded your contact info (email address) to the Green Team at I’m sure they’ll be happy to welcome another player to the group!

  27. Diane Wilcox says:

    I am sending my email to you.

  28. Faye Beth Pingry says:

    Please ad me to your email address. Thank you so much!

  29. Multimedia says:

    Hi Faye, this is the Rec Centers site and the Green Team may not see your comment. Please email them at Have fun, we’ve heard they are a great group!

  30. Carol Dorney says:

    Had a great time with the Green Team today. What a great way to make a beginning golfer comfortable on the course. Thanks for the instruction and great time!!
    Please sign me up and add me to the email list.

  31. Multimedia says:

    So glad you enjoyed the Green Team Carol! This is the Rec Centers site, so the Green Team may not see your request to be put on their email list. You can send that request to them at

  32. I would like to join the green team

  33. Multimedia says:

    Hi Joni, your posts came through, they just hadn’t been moderated yet. To express interest in the Green Team, send them an email at

  34. I would like to sign up for the green team.

  35. Multimedia says:

    Hi Joni, for more information — or to join, email

  36. Edie Henker says:

    I would like to sign up for Green team e-mails

  37. Multimedia says:

    Hello Edie, to sign up for Green Team, shoot them an email at Have a great day.

  38. I would like to receive e-mails

  39. Multimedia says:

    Hi Edie, you will need to contact the Green Team at Have fun.

  40. John Phillips says:

    Would you please add me to the email list. Thanks

  41. Multimedia says:

    Hi John, you’ll need to email the Green Team directly to get added. You can send it to

  42. Dale & Pat White says:

    We have golfed in the past, but would like to get back into it…it has been years! We missed the signup for the 11th, so would like to get on list….thanks

    Dale and Pat White

  43. Rose Marie Ferguson says:

    I would like to join the Green Team and be added to your email listing for upcoming events. Really enjoyed the First Swing event yesterday and hope to participate in many more Green Team events in the future. Thank You for all you do to make this such an enjoyable time!

  44. Multimedia says:

    Hello Rose Marie and Dale & Pat, for more information — or to join, email

  45. I wanted to sign up for the November 25 golf clinic but I don’t know if the place to do that. Please let me know as I don’t want to miss out.

  46. Multimedia says:

    Hello Sandy, for more information — or to join, email

  47. Phil Torre says:

    Love to try, have played a few years ago. Will show up tomorrow at Echo Mesa at 8:30.

    Thank You

  48. Phil Torre says:

    Sign up for Clinic on Saturday Jan. 27th at stardust. Enjoyed the meeting everyone today.

    Thanks Phil Torre

  49. Multimedia says:

    Hi Phil. Did you already sign up for the Jan. 27 clinic? If not, posting here will not suffice, please email the Green Team at Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience.

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