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Groundskeeper aids resident lying injured all night

Groundskeeper aids resident lying injured all night

As a member of the Recreation Centers of Sun City West’s Environmental Services team, Manny Hernandez works early in the mornings on Pebblebrook Golf Course. On April 27, that early morning shift was a godsend to one resident who had injured himself and lain injured and helpless through the night until Manny came to his aid.

Manny retired from the city of Phoenix after 29 years, and came to work for the Rec Centers in 2014. He works on Pebblebrook’s grounds crew, and says he loves his work. That spirit is evident in the caring he showed to a resident one recent morning.

Groundskeepers start work early, so Manny had been on the job for a couple of hours, when at 7:45 a.m. April 27, he found himself mowing the roughs around the 14th hole. As he ran the mower down near the property line, he saw a man lying in the landscape rock in his back yard, waving furiously.

Manny stopped the mower, jumped the fence and ran to the gentleman’s aid. The man had a deep gash on his head and one side of his face was darkly bruised – but, boy was he happy to see a friendly face! Manny called 911 and stayed with him until emergency crews arrived. He went so far as to lie down in the rock next to the resident to keep him company and calm him.

As it turns out, the 89-year-old man had tripped and fallen over his hose, which was lying in the yard. He fell at about 5 p.m. the previous day! Unable to get up, the resident had lain in the yard all night long, until Manny happened by the next morning.

Once emergency vehicles arrived, people started coming outside. They hadn’t realized their neighbor was in distress until that time.

A side-note about Manny: He once gave CPR to someone who collapsed on the 18th green at Encanto Golf Course during his tenure with the city of Phoenix. He’s just the kind of guy you want around if you find yourself in an emergency situation. Way to go Manny, you make Sun City West proud!

This is hardly the first time a Rec Centers’ employee has stepped up to help someone in need. More often than you might think, our employees come across residents who need assistance, and they are quick to provide it. And on the golf courses, the employees frequently find baby hawks and owls that have fallen from trees during monsoons. Even a coyote pup that had an unfortunate run in with a cholla cactus was rescued by two of our groundskeepers one year. You might say it’s par for the course when you work in the golf business.

Photo: Environmental Services Manager Todd Patty congratulates Manny Hernandez on going above and beyond his regular job duties for rescuing a resident in distress April 27.

Photo: Sun City West employee Manny Hernandez, who happened upon a resident in need of emergency care and was quick to provide assistance until crews could arrive, is joined by Recreation Centers of Sun City West HR staff members Marie Quintanilla, Teri Zevenbergen and Denise Babirak; and Environmental Services Manager Todd Patty.

Photo: Manny interviewed by Channel 3 and Channel 5 News on May 3. His proud wife Irma was also in attendance.

  1. A man with a big heart!!

  2. Audrey says:

    Manny, you are truly a blessing to us all!

  3. Great Story!

  4. Julie Shawcross says:

    Way to go Manny! Thank you for going above and beyond!

  5. Good job Dad!

  6. Paul Horvick says:

    God bless Manny!

  7. Herb Clark says:

    You are one of the reasons that make me so proud of SCW. Thank you Manny! Our prayers to the 89 year old man!

  8. Joan Camarigg says:

    A super job by our super guys on Pebblebrook. We are really glad to live on PB.

  9. Willard J French says:

    Great guy. Glad he works here.

  10. Mike Kalcow says:

    God stayed with that gentleman throughout the night and sent Manny to his rescue in the morning. Manny is an angel.

  11. Alfred Bailey says:

    Outstanding response to one of our residents. Great man to have working here.

  12. Dori Miller says:

    You are truly a GOOD Samaritan!!! Thanks for being so kind!!!

  13. Amanda Cunow says:

    Thank you Manny. You truly are a man with a big heart.

  14. A true hero, we need more wonderful people like Manny…..Bless you

  15. Theresa says:

    What a great story! We need to hear more good news like this.

  16. Caroline and Dave Poling says:

    We are so proud of you and your quick attention to this resident. I hope he’s doing okay and thanks for Not hesitating to help.

  17. Wanda Schnabel says:

    Manny is truly one of the many wonderful employees we have working here in Sun City West. Great job.

  18. Mike Kosanda says:

    A great momment for a great employee! We truly have the best people working in SCW. Thank you Manny!!!!!

  19. Carlene Kingery says:

    Thank you, Manny, for being such a compassionate gentleman. I loved this story!

  20. Great job Manny! So many great people here. I am at a loss though, to understand why the Rec Center staff felt it necessary to pose with Manny in some of the pictures. The spotlight should be on Manny.

  21. George Patterson says:

    Manny is one reason that I tell everyone, all of the time, Sun City West is the Best. No matter what your needs are they will be taken care of. We look out for all of our residents. Hang in there Manny we love you!

  22. Caregiver says:

    This is what the world needs, more caring compassionate helpful people. human kindness for our fellow man.

  23. Katie Van Leuven says:

    Thanks for giving us a good news story. Hope the gentleman makes a quick recovery. We have very dedicated employees that care about our residents. Way to go Manny!

  24. Thanks to Manny, he represents the many wonderful people who work in our community. As a resident I am always impressed with the friendly and courteous people I encounter and as a golfer I see all the work preformed at our various courses and the respect shown to our wildlife on the courses. BLESS YOU.

  25. Merv Tvinnereim says:

    Great to know we have people like this working here. Thanks Manny!

  26. Gerry Campbell says:

    Give Manny a raise!!!!! He’s the kind of employee that should b rewarded.

  27. Dennis Horvath says:

    …and people ask me, ‘What’s so great about living in Sun City West?’ Hey Manny, this one’s for you 🙂 Thanks, Well Done and God Bless!

  28. SANDRA SOLOMON says:

    Thanks Manny! You truly have a big heart! Para adelante hermano. Que Dios te Bendiga!

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