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Betty Coyne celebrates 90 at Pebblebrook Golf Course

A surprise birthday party was given for  Betty Coyne on her 90th birthday by the Pebblebrook Lady Niners golf club in Sun City West. She took her first golf lesson so she could play golf at her 50th high school reunion.  Betty is a full-time resident and plays golf every Tuesday morning.  Betty is the mother of seven children 11 grandchildren 21 great grandchildren and one great great grand child. Remember Betty Coyne when you think you’re too old to take up golf!

  1. Linda Weatbrook says:

    Betty is an inspiration to everyone who golfs with her. She is one of the healthiest, happiest and most cheerful ladies I know.
    She is a really good golfer and rarely makes a poor shot.
    Her friendship continues to be a blessing in my life.

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