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‘Happy’ video shows off fun-loving residents

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In September 2014, dozens of Sun City West Chartered Clubs, as well as some Recreation Centers staff members and volunteers, showed how “happy” they are to live, work and play here in Sun City West when they participated in a fun music video project.

Filmed entirely on location at the various club rooms and venues, the video was designed to demonstrate a sampling of the countless fun activities that keep our residents HAPPY!


“We’ve seen some of these videos done by other communities, and it was just a natural fit to do one here in Sun City West because our residents truly are happy and love doing what they do best – having fun and participating in their clubs and activities,” said General Services Officer Katy O’Grady. “What better way to tell the Sun City West story than through the eyes of our members, showing off their many unique sports, hobbies, and social activities? One thing is obvious through this video – retirement isn’t what it used to be!”

Deborah Hevesy, the Rec Centers new Governing Board manager, who was serving as multimedia specialist at the time, was the videographer for the film and pulled the project together. “When the idea was introduced to the numerous Chartered Clubs and departments of the Recreation Centers of Sun City West, responses were instantaneous and enthusiastic,” Hevesy said. “Each club was asked to prepare a 20- to 30-second routine. The inventiveness and creativity shown by the various clubs turned out to be both inspiring and fun to film.”



Because the Rec Centers has more than 100 chartered clubs, not all of them could be featured, but a wide variety were able to participate. The Rec Centers’ staff extends their gratitude to all the participants who helped make the project possible. The video could not have been created without the enthusiastic and energetic participation of the following groups:

Automotive Restoration Club, Basketeers, Beaders, Boomers, Bowling, Bridge-One Partner, Clay Club, Copper Enameling and Glass Arts, Cribbage, Dancing Arts (Zumba), Grandview Women Golfers, Hillcrest Dance and Social Club, Jazzercise, Johnson Lapidary, Lady Putters, Latin Ballroom, Library, Line Dancers, Mac-Cro-Knit, Men’s Softball, Metal Club, Model Railroad, Pebblebrook Men’s Golf, Photography West, Pickleball, Rhythm Tappers, Stardust Women’s 18ers, Tennis Club, Toy-ki Silvercraft, Trail Ridge Women’s Golf, Water Fitness, Westernaires Chorus, Westerners Square Dance, Woodworking, Yoga and Zymurgy.


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    EXCELLENT!!!!!! What a HOOT!

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