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Heard a rumor? Want info? Just ask!


A word to our residents:

In any community, no matter how well run, there is always some degree of rumor and discontent (usually the latter is caused by the former). Sun City West is no exception. We have been ranked No. 3 IN THE NATION for best active-adult communities, and yet we have some residents who are unhappy.

No matter how many public meetings, open doors, and access to emails and phone numbers we provide for residents to contact us and find answers to their questions, there will always be some who do not participate in these opportunities, or who do participate but don’t like the answers they receive. A small handful of these residents will take it one step further, and try to stir up discontent among their neighbors.

Thanks to the digital age, their efforts can also now be directed through the internet, via Facebook, email and other online tools. One such effort is a closed Facebook page, where the moderator is soliciting residents to share their frustration about the Rec Centers. We are not on this Facebook page – it is a closed group and we are not welcome to join. But we have heard about it from quite a few of our residents who have joined “out of curiosity.” They have not been happy about the rumors and the attempts to generate anger that they have read on the site.

The Governing Board, Management and staff at the Rec Centers are all about communication and providing information and answers. Here is just a sampling of the various ways we work to communicate with our residents:

  • At least four public meetings a month – you are invited to all of them!
  • Up to seven public Committee meetings a month – you are invited to all of them!
  • An open door policy at our Administration building – you are welcome to stop by any time the facility is open!
  • A twice-annual TORCH Citizens Academy designed specifically for those who want to learn more – you are encouraged to sign up!
  • A weekly eNewsletter – please sign up, it’s free!
  • A monthly newspaper delivered to every door step – please read it, it’s free!
  • A website that welcomes public input through its comment section – submit a comment any time!
  • A Facebook page – please feel free to “Like” us and leave a comment or suggestion!
  • A great rapport with the local newspapers who publish our press releases and your letters to the editor – feel free to submit one!
  • And a standing policy wherein we publish our Governing Board Directors’ email addresses and personal phone numbers online and in every issue of the Rec Center News – contact them and let them know what you’re thinking!
  • Don’t forget about the Information Center inside the R.H. Johnson Library. If the staff doesn’t have an immediate answer, they will research it and call back with credible, reliable information!

It’s hard to get much more open than that (although if you have ideas, we’re more than willing to consider them!) We do not shy away from tough questions. We answer them, even if it means we have to give you an answer you don’t want to hear. Sometimes making the hard decisions makes us unpopular among a subset of our residents. We understand that. (Oh, wouldn’t it be nice if all 28,500 of our residents agreed on everything, making our decisions easy!) But one thing we promise you: We always act in the best interests of the Association. We ask our residents to do the same.

  1. We were told that the new entrance sign would have been done by this fall but there does not seem to be anything being done. What is the time line for this? Also will the other signs on Grand & Meeker, Grand and Johnson and Beardsley be redone the same way?

  2. Georgeanna Bublitz says:

    Thank heavens a well written counterpoint to the naysayers. I went through the TORCH program and am totally blown away by how well this place is managed, by a VOLUNTEER governing board.

    It’s hard to understand why there are some who only see what’s wrong and choose to dwell on that and make it worse. We should all be thrilled there are VOLUNTEERS who step up and take on the tough job of managing this wonderful facility.

    In the movie Cider House Rules the motto is “Make Yourself a Use.” I don’t think they meant “Stirring the Pot” was of use. Take all that negative energy and put it to use on something productive. We will all thank you.

    Anyway, thank you Sun City West Recreation Center Volunteers and Paid Staff for making us #3. It is a remarkable accomplishment. When my knee surgery and recovery is complete, I will be looking at a way to help out.

  3. James Krause says:

    The new signage being constructed at our Bell Road entrance will be a noticeable, updated change to coordinate with other signage updates at the R H Johnson Rec Center. We have four other entrances to SCW that should also be updated. When will that happen? And will the other 3 rec centers also get signage updates?

  4. Multimedia says:

    Good question Larry. Actually, the large sign at RHJ and Bell was demo’d, patched and painted this week, so the project is underway! The new lighted lettering should be in place by next week and the sign will be complete. This is the only sign that is budgeted for change/refurbishing this fiscal year. Additional signage at our entrances will undergo updating over the next few years.

  5. Multimedia says:

    Great positive outlook James, thank you. The signage at our other entrances as well as all rec centers and golf courses is also in need of updating, you’re right. The plan is that all signage renovations will be undertaken over the next 3-5 years, being done in stages for budgetary reasons.

  6. Multimedia says:

    Hello Georgeanna, thank you for your kind words, we’re glad you love Sun City West so much!

  7. V Larry Smith says:

    I WAS a member of the above mentioned facebook page. I got kicked off the page for disagreeing with the moderator and suggesting that members should attend meetings and get involved if they want to bring about change.

  8. Multimedia says:

    Thank you for your attempts Larry, we’re glad you see the benefits of becoming involved.

  9. Lois Van Reese says:

    I have been looking for the final pool architectural design plans, but am unable to locate it. Can you tell me where it is? Thank you.

  10. Hi Lois. The plans are not final until Maricopa County approves our permit. Once that is received and we know the plans are final, we will publish them. Thanks for your patience.

  11. Kristine Vencel says:

    FYI: that group does NOT spread rumors! Whoever brought the “rumor” idea to you was not well-informed.
    That’s how rumors get started around here. The whole story does not get told or is not heard correctly. And believe me, there are plenty of rumors going around SCW!

  12. Hi Kristine. Our point was that if residents want information, we request they simply ask us and we will answer. Complaining behind a closed Facebook page that does not welcome the people who have the answers, is unproductive. We hear you that there are “plenty of rumors going around SCW.” But we are unable to respond to any of them or provide correct information if those rumors are hidden from us.

  13. Frank Russell says:

    Local residents seem to be the biggest speeder problem. Maybe cameras could be used to notify the resident of their speeding problem, and after 5 violations they would be fined or levied a sum for violating the Community rules for living hear. Oh by the way I also have violated the speed limit, and I’m not proud

  14. Christine Bertin says:

    What is the status of installing handicap access to all the doors in the Rec. Centers? As a member of several clubs I have seen member struggle with the doors including the restroom doors. Please make the installation of handicap access a top priority.
    Thank you

  15. Hi Christine. Thank you for your question. Although the 2010 ADA standards that Sun City West falls under do not require automatic door openers, we understand they are important to our residents and we have made them a priority. They are expensive, however, so we cannot do them all at once. We install about 4-5 a year, at a cost of $2,500 each. For 2016/17, we have them planned for the men’s and women’s restrooms at the Men’s Club; the Sagebrush Room at Beardsley; and the men’s and women’s poolside restrooms at Kuentz. Aside from that, we already have the following in place: Palm Ridge – seven at the aquatics/fitness center, and two at the main building entrance; Kuentz – two at the theater, two at the Women’s Club, one at Weavers, and six at the fitness center; Beardsley -11 at the pool and fitness facility, two at the Arts and Crafts restrooms; RH Johnson – one at the fitness center and one at the Lecture Hall. We will continue to make ADA accessibility a high priority. We appreciate your comments.

  16. Multimedia says:

    Hello again Christine, we’ve had an update from Facilities Maintenance …the two door openers at the Men’s club restrooms are done and Beardsley Card Room 5’s door opener was installed yesterday. The remaining two at the Kuentz pool will be completed very soon.

  17. Joseph A.Knese says:

    I am so glad you make it so people can see what is going on. You all are doing a great job.

  18. Thank you Joseph!

  19. Bill Burns says:

    I enjoy your e-bulletin, read each issue, and post our calendar with preferred activities. Keeps us informed and busy! Whew!

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