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Hole in One Roll Call: JULY









….go out to these golfers for an amazing accomplishment

Fred Waxler 07-03-2017 Pebblebrook 8 121 7 iron
Barry Stallings 07-06-2017 Echo Mesa 13 104 pw
  1. I had a hole in one at Grandview Golf course, Hole #12, 149 yards, 5 iron. Date: November 8th. I filled in the forms in the pro-shop after the round. I’m surprised not to see this posted here?

  2. Hi Randy, we’re sorry your HIO doesn’t appear on the ‘roll call’ and will alert Golf Ops for you! Congratulations!

  3. Frank Bagnato says:

    On January 1st I had another hole in one, my fifth since August of 2014, at Desert Trails. Do not understand why it is not shown on this list. The necessary form was completed and returned to the starter at Desert Trails.

  4. Multimedia says:

    Hi Frank, the forms are all routed to Golf Ops and we get our information for the e-newsletter from them. Please give Lynn in Golf Ops a call at 623-544-6037 to see if she received the form. Thank you.

  5. Linda Pimental says:

    Played Desert Trails this AM and I have to say how poorly the course was mowed. There were large clumps of cut grass everywhere and playing through them was not enjoyable. Why was the grass left in clumps everywhere and not scooped up with a machine behind the mower?

  6. Multimedia says:

    Hello Linda, Environmental Services Manager Todd Patty tells us that the crew at Desert Trails may have been a bit behind yesterday, but generally are right on top of bringing the blowers in behind the mowers. We’re sorry your experience at Desert Trails was less than wonderful and can assure you that is not the norm for our courses. Thanks for writing to let us know.

  7. Occasionally special events host a hole in one contest, where prizes as expensive as a new car, or cash awards sometimes reaching $4 million are offered if a contestant records a hole in one.

  8. Multimedia says:

    You are right and we love a good hole in one contest! Golf Ops held one this past March that had a grand prize of $250k and they tell me they’re looking to make it an annual event. The details are still being worked out at this time.

  9. Vera Zabloudil says:

    Deer Valley is everyone’s favorite of the full length courses. If we would tweak some things at Grandview and Pebblebrook, they would be more fun for women to play them. Both courses have some very long par fours. And Grandview has an overkill of difficult sand traps, such as 9 traps on #9. Both courses are 5600 + yards and would be more enjoyable at 5300 or 5400 yards. #13 at GV is a very difficult hole with two chances to hit water, sand traps everywhere and very elevated green.

  10. Multimedia says:

    Thank you very much for your input Vera, we will pass your comments along to Golf Operations.

  11. Susan Smith says:

    I had a hole in one on 4/30 at Pebblebrook- never posted

  12. Multimedia says:

    Hi Susan, give Lynn a call at Golf Ops and she’ll add you to the list. It’s possible the communication between the Pro Shop and Golf Ops broke down somewhere. Lynn is the one who inputs the data and sends it in for the e-newsletter and you can reach her at 623-544-6037.

  13. Susan Smith says:

    Sounds like Lynn misses quite a few ‘hole-in-one’ notifications!!!!

  14. Multimedia says:

    Hi Susan, if you have a particular question or think a hole in one has been missed, you can contact Lynn at 623-544-6037 or, or follow up at the pro shop of the course where the hole in one was made, as that’s where Lynn gets the information for the Roll Call.

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