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Increased air activity at Luke AFB


Press Release from Luke Air Force Base, which could affect Sun City West:

Increased Air Activity Nov. 27 through Dec. 11

Luke Air Force Base will host Forging Sabre, a biennial exercise involving the members of the Republic of Singapore Armed Forces, Monday, Nov. 27 to Monday, Dec. 14.

The Forging Sabre exercise will include both night and weekend flying operations for the duration of the exercise at Luke AFB and the Barry M. Goldwater Range complex.

The areas around Luke and the BMGR may experience more noise than usual as a result of the increased air activity and types of aircraft involved. Aircrafts involved will include F-16 Fighting Falcon, F-15E Strike Eagle and Heron 1UAS. There will be an increased military presence with military movements along Highway 85 south of Gila Bend as military position themselves within the Barry M. Goldwater range.

The purpose of the exercise is to provide the Singapore armed forces an opportunity to exercise and train their full spectrum of command, control and execution.


  1. Sometimes freedom is loud. We should be proud as Americans that we have the best.

  2. This will certainly affect more than Sun City West. We already have lots of noise in Peoria. I’m not looking forward to more…

  3. Sometimes the night exercises get to be a little much but I’d rather have them out there and ready then not. Like Ruth said sometimes freedom is loud. I wish them all luck and pray they are all successful.

  4. Mr Nunn this is a small part of the price we pay for our freedom. Buckle up.

  5. Audie Morigeau says:

    I like the sound of freedom

  6. Mike Vidican says:

    I served in the US Air Force and proud that they are flying and training. Go Air Force

  7. I love to see and hear the planes over Sun City West. After a while you can tell an F-35 from the F-16 by the far-off sound. No doubt which one it is when they are overhead!

    Luke AFB makes this an interesting place to live.

    I hope those young pilots and their supporting crews know how fortunate they are. All the best to them.

  8. Myrna Thielmann says:

    This is the sound of freedom. God bless the pilots who keep us free.

  9. The sound of jets, is the sound of freedom. Thanks for your service.

  10. The flights and noise level is perfectly fine with me. (Just wondering though. …Does the ever present fine black “dust” we wipe up come from the necessity of the jets having to dump their fuel before landing? If so, is it possible to dump it a little further out on the desert?)

  11. Multimedia says:

    Hello Sal, we’re not sure about “fine black dust” as we’ve not heard about it before, Sorry. Most folks we know of get ‘regular old’ brown Arizona dust. If you’re really interested in a response, you might have to contact Luke AFB.

  12. Thanks for your reply. Yep, I get the brown dust. When you wipe anything on tile around here with a damp paper towel there is always that black dust on it (not just at this house.
    Also, we noticed that sometimes when it rains the black stuff collects in the top of the oranges and runs down onto them.
    I’ll check with Luke.
    Thanks again.

  13. Multimedia says:

    Yes, very interesting, thanks for sharing.

  14. From Ex-Air Force. They don’t dump fuel unless an emergency and would probably do it in a non-populated area. These jets would not cause the type of black dust you are taking about. It’s coming from someplace else.

  15. Maurice Ugland says:

    Just get the matter of our armed services on target for the security of USA

  16. Maurice Ugland says:

    Go Airforce

  17. I come from a rather small quiet town in MN. While out walking in the woods or on the golf course when our planes at our base fly over I look up and smile. Think of people who hear that sound and have to run for cover.

  18. John Hunt says:

    I’m new to SCW and absolutely love seeing them.

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