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KSCW-LP 103.1 FM receives its official FCC license to broadcast!


It’s OFFICIAL! On Jan. 23, the FCC granted to KSCW-LP its official license to broadcast as a low power FM community radio station. This is the result of over 4 years of effort… and now, we have a fully-functioning and FCC licensed radio station, RIGHT in the HEART of Sun City West!

KSCW-LP 103.1 FM radio covers Sun City West, Sun City, Sun City Grand, Corte Bella, and parts of Peoria and Surprise. KSCW radio’s reach extends even further through its internet streaming arm at Not only does this internet extension give KSCW radio and the Sun City West community worldwide exposure, but it also keeps the “Snowbird” residents abreast of their winter community when they are away for the summer.

The success of KSCW radio is due to a community effort: built from scratch by a core group of volunteer seniors. Interestingly, many of these senior volunteers did not have any previous radio experience, but instead, they accomplished this feat by repurposing their skills from other backgrounds! This demonstrates the value of living in an adult community with many retired individuals donating their time and utilizing their skills from a broad array of experiences. Together, we can do anything!

KSCW radio strives to provide a variety of music that the community likes, as well as to broadcast announcements and programs relating to local issues and events. Specifically, based on the results of a market research study that was conducted to determine what Sun City West residents wanted to hear on the radio, KSCW Radio offers a wide range of music from Golden Oldie, Soft Rock, and Smooth Jazz to Gospel, Country music and more! Many new ‘homegrown’ music and talk shows have been added to the program roster, which can be found on the station’s program guide at

Please listen to KSCW-LP 103.1 FM on the radio and on your smart phone and computer. What do you think? Call us at 602-538-1031, or send an email to: Drop by our radio studio in the Men’s Club (off of Meeker and RH Johnson Boulevard) on Monday, Wednesday or Friday mornings between 9am and noon, beginning March 1st.

And, there’s more! The Sun City West Broadcast Club plans a slew of fun social activities for 2017! So, consider joining our club, JUST to have fun!!! Drop by our next club meeting to see what all of the excitement is about! Join us on Wednesday, March 22, 2017, from 6-8pm in the Acacia Room, Palm Ridge Recreation Center. For more information about our club and radio station, check us out: and

KSCW-LP 103.1 FM, The VOICE from the HEART of Sun City West! Thanks for listening and stay tuned!

Photo: Ron Bevilacqua, Kurt Hauswirth and Keith Fowler are setting up a radio playlist.

Photo: Ron Bevilacqua and Maureen Burke discuss a script.

  1. Sue Weinman says:

    Is KSCW permitted to sell advertising?

  2. Multimedia says:

    Hi Sue, please call Linda Campbell, Broadcast Club president for information on advertising. You can reach Linda at 928-420-6660.

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