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Lizard Acres Urban Walking Guide unveiled

Lizard Acres Urban Walking Guide unveiled

To the delight of the many residents who have been eagerly awaiting a list of designated walking routes in Sun City West, the Rec Centers is unveiling the new “Lizard Acres Urban Walking Guide.”

The walking guide, which highlights eight different routes within Sun City West, is the product of months’ worth of work by a committee of residents and staff members. Because the community is built out with little opportunity to build new, off-path trails, the guide encompasses existing pathways that are pedestrian friendly.

A colorful trifold highlighting the eight routes will be available Oct. 1 at the Recreation Centers’ four fitness centers, the R.H. Johnson Library, the Sports Pavilion and online at The guide includes maps showing the designated routes and mileage, as well as restrooms and water fountains along the way.

A variety of criteria – including views of interesting buildings, sites and foliage – were used to determine which routes were included. The chosen paths run throughout the community, providing a wide variety of landscaping and home designs, making for interesting views. Routes were chosen along golf courses when possible, to provide views of green spaces. (Walking on the golf courses is prohibited.)

The Rec Centers thanks the residents on the committee who worked hard for months to develop this guide. All residents are urged to pick up a copy and start walking! If you’d prefer to view the brochure online, you may do so here.

Photo: A trio of Sun City West residents enjoy a walk along the Javelina Trail, one of the eight routes available in the Lizard Acres Urban Walking Guide.


  1. DENNY ONEILL says:


  2. Will we still be allowed to ride our bikes on Javalina Trail? How about the other routes?


  3. Sure the neighbors love the friendly passerby in their community

  4. Great so looking forward to trying it out. Thanks for all those who made this possible. SCW is the best!!!

  5. Caroline Poling says:

    My husband and I totally enjoyed trying the different trails while I worked on the committee….There are so many different things to see that you really don’t experience just doing your usual walking in your neighborhood. Some are longer than others but there is always a way to make it shorter. We walk a half hour at a time and this has worked out well.
    It was such fun working with our committee. Everyone was so dedicated and wanted to create something that every one could use.
    Sure hope you pick up a map and try a route. It’s really fun.

  6. Are these urban walking guides biker friendly ?

  7. Great idea!! 🙂

  8. Yes John, the routes are all bicycle-friendly!

  9. Caroline, thanks to you and Dave for taking part in this project. We know it was a labor of love for the committee!

  10. Yes Jim, walking these routes is a great opportunity to greet neighbors along the way!

  11. Hello Larry, yes, all of the routes are pedestrian AND bicycle-friendly as they take you through neighborhoods. The only thing not allowed on (portions of) the Javelina Trail are motorized vehicles of any kind. Enjoy!

  12. You’re welcome Denny!

  13. I can’t find the guide on the website… can you share a link to it please?

  14. Christine says:

    My husband and I are new SCW homeowners and are arriving this week. I can’t wait to try these out. What a great way to get to know our new home!

  15. Multimedia says:

    Here is the link to the Trail Guide

  16. Deborah Anderson says:

    I am so happy with this guide. Lizard Acres Urban Walking Trails are also Pet Friendly As long as we have our Pets on a LEASH. Please use a Leash it is a Maricopa County LAW. My pups think the leash is for my benefit so they can get me back home . Remember along with water for you and you Pet a PooPoo bag for 4 legged FAMILY Members. We also have great New Bike Signs in our Neighborhood. On Heritage and 151 the bike sign States…”Bikes Use Full Lane” being a California person I am amazed it would be Share the Road with Bikes Cars GolfCarts etc… So glad we have such wonderful weather and space to enjoy the outdoors . Also love the Physical Activity Points on the Tri-Fold. Will be so Happy to Meet all of you fine Outdoors People.

  17. What is the name of the trail off of West BlackGold Lane and Rico Dr.

  18. Multimedia says:

    Good morning John, that is the Javelina Trail. It’s the longest one at 4.6 miles.

  19. Will we be able to get a copy of this when we arrive after Xmas?

  20. Multimedia says:

    Yes you will Rosemary! The guides can be found at all four rec centers, the Member Services office, Sports Pavilion and the library.

  21. Mary Blair says:

    The Maricopa Dog leash law needs to be posted at each entrance. Too many dogs are off their leash and not all owners hold them when you pass. If biking, a dog could run in front of you…biker or dog will be injured.

  22. Multimedia says:

    Thank you for your suggestion Mary.

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