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Mediterranean Pine Engraver trapping project

Mediterranean Pine Engraver trapping project

The Recreation Centers of Sun City West is assisting agencies in the tracking of an invasive insect species that may be in the area. In conjunction with the Arizona Dept. of Forestry and Fire Management, traps were placed at Echo Mesa Golf Course this week.


The purpose of the project is to provide a systematic, regional detection survey for the Mediterranean Pine Engraver (Orthotomicus erosus), in and around metropolitan areas of the southwestern USA. This bark beetle is a pine pest in the Mediterranean region, the Middle East, Central Asia, and China. It has been intercepted many times in the past at U.S. ports in association with solid wood packing material. The engraver has a history of causing extensive mortality in pines elsewhere in the world and was first detected in California in 2004.


12 unit Lindgren style funnel traps were installed on the Echo Mesa golf course. The traps are baited with a specific pheromone that attracts the Mediterranean Pine Engraver. The bait should last for 2-3 months, which will likely be the duration of the survey.


The Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management has installed traps on golf courses, parks, cemeteries and university campuses throughout southern California and eastern Nevada. The Association is happy to participate in this research project.

  1. Susan Smith says:

    Total devastation from these beetles in CO-hopefully SCW pines will survive…

  2. We live in an HOA across the street from echo mesa clubhouse. we have a pine there that’s pretty stressed. An arborist initially talked of this issue.

    Later said wait for monsoon and see. these trees require water on their needles?
    we are interested in your findings and fixes suggested.

  3. Ron Underwood says:

    We have a large pine in our yard, and would like to know how to detect these beetles.

    • Multimedia says:

      Hi Ron. Mediterranean Pine Engravers are currently being found in Las Vegas. At this stage, agencies have set traps here in Sun City West. If we do determine that they have taken up residence here, further action will be taken and we will be happy to give you advice at that time.

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