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Memorialize a loved one at SCW Meditation Garden


Submitted by The Sun City West Rotary Club


The Meditation Garden located in Beardsley Park is a joint venture between the Rotary Club of Sun City West and the Recreation Centers of Sun City West, who provided the area for the public’s use and enjoyment.


The walkways and center area of the garden that contains a water feature are to be filled with inscribed bricks in which the public can leave a permanent message of remembrance, hope, faith, love, etc. Today there are about 30 engraved bricks in place, however the walkways and center area can and will one day have hundreds of engraved bricks.


The public can purchase bricks through the Rec Center or the Rotary Club including online HERE.


We truly believe this project will enhance the beauty of Beardsley Park with abundant use of plants and flowers, a sitting area behind the water feature and, of course, the inscribed bricks. Sizes for the bricks include a standard 4”x 8” and a double size 8”x 8” red brick inscribed with white lettering. Come to the park and have a look around. We hope you will join us with your own special message brick.

  1. Flora Rutledge says:

    The imprints were not white, and very worn off. We still have two bricks (ed: from the Sundome), but I don’t think they will fit in well. Thanks.

  2. Carol M says:

    What is the cost of each brick?

    • Multimedia says:

      Hi Carol. We went to the order site and if you click on the “Purchase Bricks” drop down menu, you will see the pricing displayed. 4×8 is $80 and 8×8 is $160. There are also some price breaks listed for ordering more than one brick. Have a great day.

  3. Is this also to honor family members who have died but did not necessarily live here?

    • Multimedia says:

      Hello Renee, I think we can confidently speak for the Rotary Club here when we say it’s to memorialize whomever you would like.

  4. Flora Rutledge says:

    Is is possible to reuse the bricks that were removed from the entry of the Sundome….they were purchased for $100 (I believe) as a donation.

    • Multimedia says:

      We’re afraid those are long gone Flora, great idea though.

      • Sue smith says:

        I still have mine can it be used?

        • Multimedia says:

          Hi Sue, you’ll have to contact the SCW Rotary Club for an answer on that one! If you follow the link in the story and scroll to the bottom, you can click on “Contact Webmaster” to ask them who to contact at Rotary.

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