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Mosley: Thanks for your response on term limits


Governing Board President

MarionMosley_MugThank you all for responding to my blog regarding Governing Board member term limits. It appears that we have mixed feelings about this subject.  I tossed the suggestion out to you to get your input. While your comments were fairly evenly split about term limits, you all felt that Board members should be year-around residents as well.

One comment I received said that since our residents seem to be content with the way the Association is run, the board can do whatever they want.  I tend to disagree.  First of all, you are correct in the comment that our residents seem to be happy.  After all, things are not changing drastically. However, that does not give the Board carte blanche to do what we want. We are very concerned about our community and will take measures to protect that.  When something or someone gets out of line, the community does come forward.  I have seen that on several occasions. Let me give you an example.  Last week in the February Board meeting, the Board had a motion on the table to approve having staff seek out and approve a contract to construct the ARC building. Governing Board Treasurer Jim Young abstained when asked to vote, stating that he is a member of the club and felt it to be a conflict of interest. That, folks, is honesty and integrity in my books.

While the current position of Board members is that they should be year-around residents, we do have policies that allow time to get away.  For example, the Governing Board does not convene meetings in July and August.  If, for some reason, an emergency occurs where a Board member needs to rule on an issue, there is always someone in town. It is seldom that all nine members are gone at the same time.  Even then, one member is normally reachable by phone if necessary.

I would not worry that term limits for Board members will change anytime soon.  First of all, it would be a change in our bylaws.  Yes, you would be required to vote on the change. Your responses to my blog were close enough that gaining a majority would be difficult. Besides, the Board has more pressing items to address.

Once again, I thank all of you for your responses.  It makes me feel good that my articles are actually being read.

  1. Shari Jones says:

    I feel that a major portion of our community are not represented on the board because they do not live physically in Sun City West for 10 months. I feel the board should consider how to represent this population by figuring out, how to have a seasonal resident on the board.

    The seasonal residents pay a full time fee. We have a different situation then the full time residents. You think you are representing us but you don’t understand the unique challenges we face.

    I think it is easy to keep doing things the same, but the time has come to figure out how to have representation of all of your association, not just the full time residents.

    If you want seasonal residents involved then you need to give them representation.

  2. Bill Noble says:

    Mr. Mosely I feel that you and the last President of our Board are Genuinely interested in the Good of All Residents of SCW.
    However I do Agree with Shari Jones! There have been many times
    When the residents have not been heard!
    One time was when he had a chance to purchase Hillcrest…This would have given us unlimited water Supply! Another time was when SCW
    had 2 million dollars in our maintenance fund…The fund was discontinued and the money put in the General Fund, another
    when the Asset Preservation fund assets were put in the General Fund! Many of the residents are Happy with the way things ARE!
    Sun City West is a Wonderful Place! Still a lot of Residents are not happy with Spending and also the way Residents are treated in the Golf Area. You don’t hear from them because
    they are tired of not being heard.
    Bill Noble

  3. RCSCW PR says:

    Mr. Noble. It seems you have quite a few items you’d like to discuss with the Governing Board President. Some go back many years, prior to Mr. Mosley’s term on the Board. We would like to suggest you come in for an office visit and meet with Mr. Mosley in person, which would be more productive than trying to converse on the blog. His office hours are 9 to 11 a.m. on Mondays.

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