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Mosley: Women hold Board majority

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MarionMosley_MugBy MARION MOSLEY
Governing Board President

By now you’ve all seen the media splash on our assignment of Nolan Reed’s replacement to the Governing Board. Peggy Robbins was selected over four other candidates during interviews Wednesday afternoon.  I won’t elaborate more on Peggy’s background as it was adequately covered in the Daily News Sun.  I will say that the Board members are pleased with Peggy’s appointment.

I would like to, though, go back 2 ½ years to a Board meeting when then Vice President Patricia Tomlin stated during Director comments that she felt a little alone being the only female on the Board.  She then commented that more women should come forward to serve.  Little did she know the effect of her pleas!  Our current Board, as of Wednesday afternoon has five women on the Board.  I believe that is a first in Sun City West.

With Peggy Robbin’s assignment, followed by the upcoming election where she is one of the four residents running for the four spots, ladies will be the majority for at least 1 ½ years. Assuming Peggy is one of the top vote-getters, their majority could run as long as 3 ½ years.  What a change a plea makes. Patricia, I wonder if you thought your comments would come to fruition so quickly?

Now that we are fully staffed, the Board will be reviewing several Policy changes and a couple of Bylaw changes over the next few months.  Two bylaw changes will be on the February Board meeting this month.  Budget and Finance Committee members are actively working on our Reserve Policy. The policy will take a while.  The committee will be seeking professional help to better understand all of the ramifications of defining a reserve policy for our community.  As you may recall, this is one of the objectives I had set at the beginning of the year.  The other was to define an investment policy.  That has been done.  The Reserve Study will take a little longer.   Our B&F Committee is moving cautiously, as we all would want and expect.

Just a reminder about our Workshop meeting next week.  We will be celebrating our Hometown Heroes on Feb. 13 (9 a.m. in the Lecture Hall).  Come celebrate this event with us. We also will hear from our own Todd Patty about water conservation.  You don’t want to miss that if you are concerned about our water consumption.

Don’t forget to drive safely out there.  Traffic is heavy everywhere.  And DO NOT FORGET that the candidate Forums are coming up!

  1. Patricia Tomlin says:

    I met Peggy on Friday at a church event. You did well in appointing her. I am very pleased with the representation on the board by women. When I was the only one, I hoped for more. I would like to think that the women coming forth to volunteer is my legacy to Sun City West. Lest we forget the board now more accurately represents our population distribution.

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