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Need help? Call the Community Fund


If you need financial help with critical bills, call 623-546-1122. This phone number is the hotline for the Community Fund of Sun City West (CFSCW). 

This organization helps SCW residents with bills when they are in need. Please call, leave your name, number, and a short message. A personal needs volunteer will return your call. 

The Fund was established in 1982 and regularly helps SCW residents with critical bills if they call and qualify. The CFSCW is like a staple in our community. It is there if you need it. There is no need to be shy about tapping funds when in need. That is the whole purpose of this fund: to help SCW residents when the unexpected occurs and they need help with their bills. 

The CFSCW would like to help, but you first must call 623-546-1122.

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