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New Unlimited Twilight Card for 2017-2018


A new annual golf card is available for the 2017-18 golf season and we think it has the makings to be a big hit with our residents who play later in the day. 

For $1,200 a year a Sun City West resident can play as much golf as they would like as long as they play during the twilight or super twilight tee times. Geared for the SCW resident who still works full time, this annual golf card allows the buyer an opportunity to play golf after work or in the late morning or early afternoon on their day(s) off. 

So if you are not tied to early morning rounds of golf, this annual card might be the answer you are looking for. If you play 73 or more rounds throughout the year and can do so at the twilight time frame, this would be your biggest bang for your dollar.

This Card is available for purchase at Member Services, 623-544-6100, located at 19803 R.H. Johnson Blvd.

  1. Dave Previni says:

    I am a Kachina Card holder which will expire on January 26, 2018. I play most of my golf during the twilight tee times. Can I purchase the new Twilight Card now and receive a refund for the unused portion of my Kachina Card? If not, can I purchase a Twilight Card now and also keep my Kachina Card active and use both cards depending on the time of day I play (Example: If I play at 200: pm today, can I use my Twilight Card and not pay a green fee and then play at 10:00 am tomorrow and use my Kachina card and pay a green fee of $18)?

    • Multimedia says:

      Hi Dave, sorry for the delay. You cannot hold two cards at the same time, and since you’re so close to your expiration, based on rounds played, it isn’t likely there would be any refund due to you. So you can switch to the Twilight Card now and your Kachina Card will disengage, or you can keep that card active and make a decision as to which card you’d like to hold after it expires in January. If you have further questions contact Debbie Long at 623-544-6001 or Thanks and have a great weekend.

  2. Thanks…

  3. The golf fee schedule shows a $$ charge in addition to the $1200 twilight fee. Am I misunderstanding the schedule?

    • Multimedia says:

      Hello Don, the twilight fee on our fee schedule is for someone who has not purchased a Unlimited Twilight card. If someone has purchased the “Unlimited Twilight Card” then there would be no fee during Twilight time or later.

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