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Ongoing construction at RHJ and elsewhere!

Ongoing construction at RHJ and elsewhere!

The R.H. Johnson Tennis project Phase 1 & 2 is in progress. The Phase 1 trench drain is completed and Phase 2 courts are being prepped for lighting and concrete work. The tennis restroom expansion is also in progress, with demolition underway. Read all about this project and its origins HERE.


The ARC Paint Booth project is in progress. The slab has been poured and steel erection is set to begin Friday, June 22. A portion of the parking lot near the Auto Restoration Club remins fenced off around the construction site. About a dozen parking spaces are affected and the fences will remain up for the duration of construction, which is expected to last three to four months.


Several of the old monument signs at the R.H. Johnson Recreation Center entrances were demolished in April in preparation for the installation of new signs. These include signs at the intersection of R.H. Johnson and Meeker; Meeker and the ARC building; and the Library entrance. Maricopa County is scheduled for inspection of forms. The concrete pouring design stage will follow.


Concrete work for the R.H. Johnson directional signage is complete and metal signage work continues.


The Palm Ridge pool deck project is in progress. Trench drain obstacles are being addressed and solutions for these obstacles are positive to date. Currently, miscellaneous pool plumbing lines are being relocated.


Stardust Pro Shop flooring was completed on June 18 in preparation for Golf Operations to relocate there once the Pebblebrook remodel project begins.


The Rec Centers appreciates members’ patience as we complete various updates around the community, and advises everyone to be extra cautious and attentive as they navigate our facilities and parking lots.

  1. Jim Krause says:

    I suggest that those folks who are not satisfied with what improvements are ongoing or with the dues we pay, complete the TORCH ACADEMY course for a better understanding of the what and why we try to maintain the Del Webb Standard to keep this community attractive, yet change with the times, and keep our home values high. I know having been a recent TORCH graduate. Wow, a real eye opener!

    • Multimedia says:

      Congrats on being a TORCH graduate Jim! It is an amazing program, we’re glad you enjoyed it.

    • Deborah Wells says:

      Good idea! Can’t wait to go through TORCH training. 🙂

    • Gaye Swenson says:

      I agree – taking the Torch Academy was one of the most worthwhile things I have done in SCW. I learned many things that I was not even aware of and saw places in facilities I’d never seen. We in SCW are so fortunate to have the Torch Academy offered to us!

  2. Dee Klocko says:

    This is our first year in SCW and here through summer. We were counting on using the indoor track and disappointed that it’s not available again until later in July. I don’t care for treadmills and find it annoying to make frequent trips to the mall to be able to walk since temps preclude walks outside. You’re assuming everyone is a snowbird.

    • Multimedia says:

      Hi Dee. We’re sorry for the inconvenience the closure of the indoor walking track is causing you. We have projects scheduled throughout the year, so timing is always a challenge. The pool issues have been pending for a while and we postponed them while the majority of residents were here. There is no good time to do work of this nature. On some of the other projects currently pending, capital funds don’t become available until July 1, so we can’t do them prior to that. Putting them off till the fall just puts more projects into that time period. No matter when we do them, someone will be inconvenienced. We do our best to balance them. Thank you for understanding and have a great day.

      • SCW Residents says:

        We love it here in SCW and you are so right. You can’t please all of the people all of the time no matter what. And you can be sure that no matter how hard you try, someone is going to gripe about it. We know that those of you in charge of all the improvements here in our wonderful community do the very best you can and we want to say thank you to everyone who tries so hard, yet hears the complaints of those who have nothing more to do. Keep up the good work.

  3. Karyl Brandvold says:

    Thanks for keeping my community looking great! It’s terrific to see all the updates and modernizing going on everywhere. And I’d like to make a request: At the front of the Johnson pavilion, the yellow safety lines extend for many feet. At the back, where bowlers and swimmers cross from the parking lot, there are just two narrow strips of yellow. When it’s time to renew them, could we please have a much wider strip for crossing? It may not help, but then again it might… Thanks again for all you do!

  4. Tom Jones says:

    Steel has been delayed to arrive at the ARC building site until July 11th. We are looking forward to the paint booth being installed in the additional building by Spring.

    • Multimedia says:

      Yes that’s right Tom. Thanks to ARC for being so adaptable to circumstances beyond our control!

  5. Sun City West is unique and will never be duplicated. The foresight of our General Manager, the capable and reasonable Board Members, the good employees, all have contributed to what our City is today. Thank You.

    When criticizing expenses, please do remember that the voters chose the 15.00 minimum wage which is adding much to everyone’s expenses including Sun City West’s, the restaurants, the shops, etc. etc.

    • I’m sorry to say that I think $15 and hour for most of the positions in SCW is too much. Most of the jobs have a lot of down time and monitors read books etc. The hourly wage should have been based on the work load not just given to all positions.

      • Multimedia says:

        Hi Cindy. On this point, we can only follow the law, which was put into place by voters.

      • Ronni Hoover says:

        The vote was NOT by SCW residents but by AZ residents! SCW does not establish minimum wages for workers, the state does that, we must comply.

  6. We have been snowbirds for the last 12 years and appreciate what is being done to keep SCW current and attractive. The value of our homes depend on that and I encourage you to continue on the current path. The cost of doing this work does increase and as a result so do our dues, but that does not mean stop improving our community. We all have our “pet” interests and concerns, which is important to speak about, but iwhat is best for SCW that you need to focus on. I think you are spending in a reasonable manner and doing a great job of balancing and accommodating all interests..

  7. Vivian Beaugrand says:

    We moved here a year ago….SCW looked old & tired especially around library area. Updating the color of the library and now new landscaping & islands with lights make a WOW statement. Keep up the good work!

  8. Helen Sheehan says:

    It would be wise to not plant any more Desert Museum trees. Most of them grow very fast and get very rangey as witness those at Arrowhead Mall. Its true that they have more and longer lasting blossoms (which are a mess when they fall) and also no thorns, but their negative characteristics outweigh these. Palo Brea trees are a much better choice.

  9. Keep up with improvements. It makes this community attracive to new buyers whom we need as the older generation moves along. Find it hard to believe that a small rise in dues per year forces people to move out. Keep our amenities top notch.

  10. Yes, improvements are nice; when needed. Just please, please spend our money more frugally. There is a limited amount of $ that our residents can afford!!! No raises in dues for several years, please!!! It’s a sad situation when utility costs and dues are always raising and older folks have to move out due to their budget limitations. please cut back in jobs/salaries/expenditures whenever possible. Golf course maintenance mught be trimmed back. We see workers standing around picking individual weeds – not effective weed control. Fiscal restraint, please.

    • Hi SKorton. We understand we have a responsibility to keep the community affordable for residents. But we likewise have a responsibility to ensure the facilities are properly maintained and, when needed, upgrade to keep them functional for existing residents and attractive for existing and new residents. Our philosophy is to maintain/upgrade to the “Del Webb Standard.” In other words, there are reasons people bought into this community – the number of amenities, the way they were maintained, the type and variety of offerings. We strive to maintain that same lifestyle. Yes, the cost of everything is going up, and while we would love to keep dues static, that’s just not possible without reducing services – and that goes against that Del Webb Standard. We don’t want to start eliminating the number and quality of amenities that attracted people here in the first place. Just as your own utility costs, and gas and insurance, etc., have increased, so have ours. We run as lean as possible to keep increases to a minimum. We have among the lowest dues in the nation for other Sun Cities communities, and yet are ranked among the highest. We believe we have found a good balance. Please come to the budget meetings in April to see how we are spending the money. Thank you.

      • It may seem to you that our dues here in Scw are not high, but someone on a fixed income cannot always afford the dues, and they could not afford to go to an assisted living facility. You would be very surprised how many people here have a reverse mortgage and live on that and social security only. Maybe somehow the SCW Board could get a handle on this fact.

        • Chicago says:

          The boards job is to maintain SCW within the yearly budget, not maintain your yearly budget. Cost of living in SCW is what it is, if you cannot afford the yearly dues move to a community within your budget. I for one want all the facilities kept updated and maintained and am willing to pay what it takes.

          • Shame on you Chicago! No one should be talked to like that.

          • Multimedia says:

            Hi Joanna. We ask all of our website visitors to please use civility and understanding when replying to/interpreting comments. Thank you.

        • Theresa says:

          Surprise me!! How many people in SCW are living on a reverse mortgage and Social Security only? People need to make a living choice based on living within their means. We do not live here permanently yet, but compared to dues in our area (Chicago area) in 55+ communities, SCW is very reasonable, more amenities, and better weather. We are happy to be owners in this great community. Keep up the good work!

    • Ronni Hoover says:

      I live on Pebblebrook Golf Course and have NEVER seen any worker picking weeds by hand! In fact, there are times I wish they would, when they haven’t been around with the weed whacker behind my back yard. Also, have never seen workers standing around doing nothing except when waiting for another worker to join them for a project.

      Folks, this place runs on a very meager budget to provide the wonderful environment you live in. If you don’t like it, please look around to see if you can find anything better – I doubt it!!!

  11. Goldene Somerville says:

    Are more trees going to be added in the parking lot with the new islands?

    • Multimedia says:

      Yes Goldene. Shortly after construction of the islands is completed, Environmental Services staff will begin their phase of the island project: irrigation, trees, plants and granite. They predict that phase will begin on or about April 9.

      • Carol Gray says:

        Why?? Do we really need to be adding more trees? We live in a desert and water is expensive. Every time you do something in parking lots we lose more spaces and add to our water bill. Surely this was not needed.

        • Hi Carol. We appreciate your concern for the environment, specifically preserving water. That’s high on our list as well. In reality, other than the golf courses, there is very little grass or high-water use trees on any of our properties. Even the Library’s front area has artificial turf. That said, most residents like to see some greenery in their community. Some trees, flowers and shrubbery are needed to break up all the asphalt. Our intent in adding islands with trees in the parking lot near the Library (similar to the treatment elsewhere in the R.H. Johnson lot) is to break up the huge swathes of parking lot that not only create a heat island, but are aesthetically uninviting. The trees will not substantially increase our water usage. The islands will make the parking lots safer and reduce cut-through traffic. It also completes the parking lot portion of the R.H. Johnson Master Plan.

          • Great plan and an excellent answer. Thank you.

          • I would hope that solar panels in parking areas and building updates is being considered.

          • RCSCW PR says:

            Hi Mavis. We have been looking at solar for a number of years, but so far, the projects we’ve looked at do not make fiscal sense. One major hurdle is that our bylaws prohibit long-term leases. That means we would have to change the bylaws, or purchase solar panels outright. Changing this particular bylaw would require a majority vote of the owner members – which is doable, but difficult. Purchasing solar panels would be a very costly endeavor, and from what we’ve looked at, the payoff from switching to solar is not as much as we’d make by leaving the money in investments. So, we continue to look at solar, but as of yet it hasn’t made sense for us.

  12. I loved the old sign at Meeker and Johnson. Seems like a waste of money to me.

  13. Gwen Scheerer says:

    I’ve been a snowbird in SCW for 24 years….and each year it gets better. Thank you so much.

  14. ARC members are excited about our new addition. Thank you for your continued support of the Automotive Restoration Club. We appreciate all the work of the Rec Center staff in helping us reach our goal of paying off the building debt as well as doing charitable work in the community. Currently we are working with 6 high school students in restoring a 1959 Ford Thunderbird that was donated by Mel Martin Auto Museum. We hope to have the restoration finished in time to enter it in the 2019 Great Race. Having our body shop/paint shop will be the finishing touch to the restoration.


  16. We love what is being done to our fabulous community. We have a community that is clean, updated, and welcoming and although we have rules, we are still allowed to have our own personality in our landscaping and homes. Thank you to the Project Manager and all of you who work so hard to keep our community a place to be very proud of.

  17. Why don’t you wait to do the parking lot until the snowbirds are gone?

    • Multimedia says:

      Good morning. Just to give you an idea of the Association’s construction pipeline, our Projects Superintendent has more than 60 projects he handles in a given year. They range from very large to very small. He cannot possibly do them all during the summer. We spread them out throughout the year, trying to do the most intrusive ones during the summer (parking lot sealing and striping, for example). But there are other reasons that affect the timing, including permitting and vendor availability. Without getting into too much detail, we are very conscious of trying to keep the inconvenience to members as small as possible. We appreciate your patience.

  18. Love the improvements, it demonstrates our progress.

    • Vince meyers says:

      More trees being planted with yellow flowers that cause those of us with allergies to stay indoors?
      Not to mention the cleanup crews out with blowers every day blowing the blossoms into piles.
      I thought this was a desert?

      • Hi Vince. Thank you for your comments, and we understand your concerns. We are trying to balance conservation and maintenance costs with the need to update and beautify our centers. Yes, we are in a desert, but we are also a lifestyle community and as such, we need to keep the community attractive.

        • Vincent Meyers says:

          Other plants and trees are available that are not flowering. Some require little or no water! SCW will be water rationed in the future so why add to the problem?
          Looks nice but….

          • Janet Chicvara says:

            I agree with you, Vince. We ARE in the desert but the RCSCW obviously doesn’t care what we think or want. They just continue to do what they please spending money needlessly. The only answer is for members to be more careful who they elect to this board.

          • Multimedia says:

            Better yet, run for the board! We are currently seeking one director to fill a 1-year term beginning July 1. Get all of the details here.

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