Palm Ridge Aquatics Center closes in June for maintenance

Palm Ridge Aquatics Center users will want to make note of an upcoming maintenance closure.


The center will close for about eight weeks beginning Friday, June 1, as crews begin replacing the indoor pool trench drain and resurfacing the deck. As always, the Rec Centers’ primary concern is resident safety. Availability to non-construction areas of the center will be allowed as much as feasible. However, residents are advised to use caution in the area and heed all safety signs and closures.


In the initial phase of the project, the current drain – which is cracking, not draining properly and creating a safety hazard – will be removed from the perimeter of the pool and spa area. This involves cutting into concrete that holds the drain in place. Due to the complexity of this task and the equipment and dust involved, the outdoor pool, walking track, and fitness center also will be closed.


The second phase of the project will begin July 1, and incorporates heavy construction activities, including pouring concrete and providing a new decorative deck surface.


Staff will reopen the walking track as the project progresses and construction is limited to the interior of the pool site, making it safe for residents to enter the track area.


Pickleball users will be diverted to an alternate entrance to the courts when required by construction activities. No vehicle traffic or cart parking will be allowed in or along the roundabout driveaway during this project. Parking lots will not be affected.


The Rec Centers appreciates members’ patience during this important maintenance project.

19 Replies to “Palm Ridge Aquatics Center closes in June for maintenance”

  1. Why are summer months closed for closing of the rec center? So disappointed as we are paying membership fees, but what for? Know more winter people are here in other months so perhaps that is why repairs are being done over the summer……what consideration is given to year-round residents in remodeling and repair work?

    1. Good morning. Just to give you an idea of the Association’s construction pipeline, our Projects Superintendent has more than 60 projects he handles in a given year. They range from very large to very small. He cannot possibly do them all during one specific time of year. We spread them out throughout the year, but there are other reasons that affect the timing, including permitting and vendor availability. Without getting into too much detail, we are very conscious of trying to keep the inconvenience to members as small as possible. We appreciate your patience.

  2. The outdoor pool at Palm Ridge allows children to swim in the late afternoon, will I be able to take my grandkids to another pool when they visit in June?

    1. Hi Sheila. Rec Manager Kristie Riester tells us that there will be some accommodations made at that time. Stay tuned.

  3. Wasn’t the current indoor pool deck just put on a year or so ago? Perhaps I missed your explanation of why it must be redone so soon. When did the warranty on that work expire?

    1. Hi Thomas. The deck was resurfaced in 2011 with a warranty of 3/5 years. the same material will be installed this go around, with the same warranty. The issue we are fixing is the drain – repairing it will require resurfacing.

  4. I can’t begin to express how unhappy I am that our indoor track will be closed during two of the hottest months of the year. Where, exactly, are we supposed to walk during this project? The “track” in the Beardsley fitness center is far too small and too close to the fitness equipment to be a practical substitute — and there’s no where near enough treadmills in SCW to compensate for the loss of the track — and many of the track users don’t have the physical capabilities to use a treadmill. The Palm Ridge track does have a door that serves as an emergency exit with a staircase on the pickle ball side of the building. Why can’t that door be used as a way to safely access the track? Or, can the large ballroom be opened up and used for walking when other functions aren’t going on? Walking is an extremely important way for so many residents to exercise — and it’s just too hot in June and July to be walking outside. A practical solution NEEDS to be put in place — giving up walking for 2 months simply ISN’T acceptable.

    1. T Napier, we realize how important walking for exercise and social interaction is to many of our residents. While the walking track will likely not be closed for the entire duration of the project, during the times that it is, the Summit Hall will be open to walkers. Facilities staff at Palm Ridge have been working on that schedule and we will share it once it’s available as the time for the project to begin approaches. Thank you for your patience.

  5. Why can’t track be used? There are windows all around that would keep out dust and we are getting to time of year that walking outside is not easy. Plus we have several people who are on walkers so out side walking for them is impossible.

    1. Hello Jackie. We are concerned with safety first, and the area will be home to quite a bit of construction traffic during this project. We will reopen areas as soon as it is safe to do so.

  6. RE: Re-tiling the outdoor showers; while doing this, please replace the shower heads with newer water saver air-spray non-clog heads like Kohler 5″ Katalyst #202388382 from Home Depot. And please reopen the indoor walking track and fitness center soon as possible as that is a blessing to use during our hot summers when outdoor activities are curtailed.

    1. Hello Jim. We are not currently remodeling the showers, only fixing the problem of the tile lifting by replacing the tile. FYI, unfortunately, history tells us that when we install low-flow shower heads, they are either stolen or tampered with. Thank you for your input.

  7. Would appreciate the reopening of the outdoor pool and locker room as soon as possible as this is my go to recreation area.

    1. Hello Steve. The Aquatics Center will definitely be reopened as soon as work is complete! Have a great day.

      1. If the indoor track is able to be opened while work continues inside, why must access to the outdoor pool wait till all work is completed?

        1. Hello Steve, IF the indoor walking track is able to be reopened, the Fitness Center would be reopened as well, but the outdoor pool is one of only two routes for construction traffic so will likely have to remain closed for the duration due to safety concerns. Staff will be monitoring the construction traffic throughout the project and reopen access to closed areas as soon as it is feasible.

          1. This response answers the question I had. You mentioned that if/when the walking track opens, the fitness center would be reopened as well.

  8. I hope the new deck will be non slip like the current one, not like the new one they installed at Beardsley two years ago. I have slipped on Beardsley. 4 times and fell once.

    1. Hi Bill, the new deck will be a “chip seal” product with an epoxy coating, much like it is now.

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