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President’s Message for the week of Oct. 13 – 17


Governing Board President

October is fast becoming a very busy month. The second half of the month is filled with a lot of activity. This week, the Investment Subcommittee will hear presentations from six investment firms on how to better invest the Association’s money. Those presentations will be held Tuesday and Thursday.

On Thursday, Oct 23, the Governing Board will hold the October Regular Board meeting. As usual, it will be held in the RH Johnson Social Hall.

I’m sure that you all have read about the EPCOR Consolidation issue. Sun City has been in the news several times stating their position on the proposal and what it will do to resident costs, and they have held several meetings as well.  On Oct. 23, PORA President Bill Hansen will provide a financial report and presentation on the impact to Sun City West impact should the Corporation Commission okay EPCOR’s request to consolidate six communities.  I encourage everyone to attend the meeting.  It will be held at 6:30 p.m. in the Summit Hall of Palm Ridge Rec Center.

The infamous 53 acres issue is back in discussion again. Governing Board members will be meeting with PORA and Maricopa County to hold further discussions. Maricopa County has assigned a different lead for future discussions.  Perhaps we can see if there is any progress to date.

By the way things have been going so far this month, I am sure other issues will crop up before month’s end. If and when they do, I will pass on the information to everyone.  Until then, continue to enjoy this great weather.

  1. Dudley Gibson says:

    Re: Golf Group Play

    Have heard comments regarding concerns over Group Play dominating available primetime Tee Times and group no-shows.

    This has been a recurring controversy as long as I can remember. The last time it surfaced several years ago it was revealed that abuses had in fact compromised a beneficial program.

    Many meetings were held, most of which I attended, and Policy/Procedures were written. I have looked on this on line site and find nothing about group play procedures?

    I distinctly recall that Management was tasked to develop, implement and enforce reasonable rules regulating group play to ensure equitability with that program and non-group play!

    If we have allowed group play to grow to the point that non-group play is unfairly treated, then someone has not adhered to the aforementioned guidelines.

    I am a strong advocate of group play and feel it benefits the golf program and our budget, but it must be controlled.

    With 64 groups, and many group members belonging to several groups I can see that some regulation is indicated.

    Perhaps membership should be limited to just one or two groups or weekly limits placed upon number of group tee times allowed?

    Group size could be limited, and limits to the amount of tee times allowed at any one course, and or days of the week and during prime time. I see nothing wrong with rotating group play between prime, and less desirable tee times depending upon season.

    Our system was designed to track golfer profiles and it should be able to identify groups or individuals that cancel repetitively. Offenders could then be sanctioned.

    All golfers have legitimate reasons for cancelling on occasion but repeat offenders should be restricted, certainly in the group play arena!

  2. Thanks for your comments Mr. Gibson.
    Group Play is a great benefit to the residents of Sun City West. It encourages competition and social interaction both on and off the golf course. As you mentioned, we do have Group Play policies/procedures but in the past they had been relaxed in some areas to accommodate our residents. But as we see the groups becoming more popular we need to make sure those golfers who use the tee time lottery system as their way of booking tee times have an equitable opportunity to make a tee time as well.
    Currently, Golf Groups are limited to 12-40 players in size. Rotation of all seven golf courses are used throughout busy season to make sure all golfers have a chance to play each golf course. Along with this, we try to separate each Group by one hour of open play which is filled by lottery play. Each group must be willing to adjust their starting times by up to two hours from their requested starting time. This gives the Golf Operations department the flexibility it needs to deal with course closures, resident golf tournaments and the like.
    Our thought is to address the situation before it becomes a challenge. With limited tee times (and daylight) available during our busiest time of the year it is better to have a plan moving forward than to struggle through the season and ask what if.

    I hope this helped in explaining our Group Play procedures.
    Thanks again for your input.

    Patrick O’Hara, PGA
    Golf Operations Manager

  3. Dudley Gibson says:

    The future of golf …What do you think?

    sort of scary, with seven courses in our inventory, plus Briarwood and Hillcrest!

  4. Interesting video Dudley. Thanks for sharing. We have had some of these discussions within Golf Committee, Golf Council and on staff as well. The larger cup sounds like an amusing idea, but it may have merit if it helps increase rounds. What do our other golfers think? Let’s hear from you after you’ve viewed the video.

  5. Bill Noble says:

    The video with Jack Nicklaus stating that he has NO Golf Courses
    under construction Presently,,and several years ago he had 20 plus under construction at the same time does say something about the future of golf. He also stated that last year we were closing
    a golf course every two days (140 plus courses in 2014) Briarwood
    now has a 6 month membership including unlimited use of the driving Range and no monthly food miminum, no chg for usage of your own golf car(trail fee) All for a charge averaging $85 per month.($500) Many courses are forced to do this to stay open!
    We Played Desert Trails 2 res. two family Guests and one rental golf car…Chg $82 for nine holes(prime time) not expensive,
    however there is no family rate for family guests.paid same as
    outside pay. Desert Trails was in best condition I have
    seen it in the 18 years I have been here! Todd Patty – Great Greenskeeper.
    Bill Noble

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