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Proposed Budget Package FY 2018-19



  1. Well I just want to say thank you to everyone who work so hard every year to make our community one to be proud of. I can’t begin to imagine what a daunting task this must be.

  2. Janet Chicvara says:

    I also am upset about he waste of 90 grand to build a meditation garden that I have never seen anyone at.

    I think we should all be more careful who we elect to the RCSCW Board as it appears not all of them are working in the best interests of Sun City West residents.

    When I moved here the fees were much lower. Now they’re going to be $465 and soon over $500. I think you are very generous with the members money. Residents should be able to live in this type of environment at a reasonable price and dues should not be increasing every year.

    • RCSCW PR says:

      Hi Janet. We’re sorry you are unhappy with the meditation garden, which was built through a partnership with the Sun City West Rotary Club. We believe it ads a new attraction unlike any other in Sun City West. Not everyone likes every amenity, but there is something for everyone here. That’s what makes Sun City West so amazing. We encourage more involvement in our elections as the Governing Board represents the community. Our Directors are unpaid, and volunteer their time for the betterment of the community. We applaud their dedication. Please plan to attend one of the budget seminars to learn more about how the money is spent here. Thank you.

  3. Larry and Nila McRae says:

    As a winter resident I am still perplexed that the budget isn’t finalized prior to so many of us leaving. I note the proposed increase in annual fees and must ask, why aren’t greens fees increased so that golf operations are more fully funded by those who use the golf facilities?

    • RCSCW PR says:

      Hi Larry and Nila. Thank you for your input. Our fiscal year (July 1-June 30) is set in the Bylaws. Although it can be modified, there would be challenges no matter what time of year is chosen. As it stands, management begins budgeting for the next fiscal year in December. It is a long process. Starting the fiscal year in July gives us six months under our belts before we begin budgeting for next year; that experience is important in estimating next year’s revenues and expenses. It is May by the time we are ready to send it to the Board for approval. If we started a few months earlier in an effort to finish prior to some of the Snowbirds leaving, we would have to start the process in, say, October. New Directors are seated in July, but their committees don’t usually start meeting until September. That doesn’t give them much time to get their feet wet before they have to start working on the process. The fact is, the bulk of the budgeting discussion does take place prior to Snowbirds leaving. We invite you to come to Properties, Golf and Budget and Finance Committee meetings where you will hear a lot of discussion about these items – and have an opportunity for input – early in the process. As for golf fees, they are set to remain competitive with nearby communities from which we draw a significant base. This outside revenue offsets the costs that would otherwise be passed on to residents. If we price our golf fees too high, we will lose golfers to those competing courses.

      • Larry McRae says:

        Not to be difficult but if the courses are as good as advertised non residents will still play and if you lose some the increased greens fees should make up for any potential loss of players. And the residents of our community who play golf should shoulder more responsibility by paying a bit more. Use the same formula you used for raising the fees.

        • Multimedia says:

          Hello Larry. Price definitely matters to all golfers, including those from outside the community. As we mentioned, golf fees are set to remain competitive with nearby communities from which we draw a significant base. This outside revenue offsets the costs that would otherwise be passed on to residents. If we price our golf fees too high, we will lose golfers to those competing courses. Another important thing to remember is that all activities are subsidized by dues in Sun City West in one way or another.

          • Debby Phillips says:

            Larry, we all pay for things out of our dues that we don’t use. It’s pretty clear when you buy here what is expected from us as residents. My husband and I play golf on a regular basis and pay plenty to do so. We don’t play tennis, pickle ball or use any of the other faculties except maybe the pool on occasion. A very small amount of your dues go to keeping up the golf operations. All this information is online and it’s just part of the game to live here. How about getting upset about he waste of 90grand to build a meditation garden that I have never seen anyone at except to drink a beer. Set out in the middle of a park, horse shoes and miniature golf. How relaxing could that be. Another boondoggle on the waste of money that could go for something a bit more user friendly.. It sits in the hot sun, with concrete benches to burn your legs.

  4. PORA is fighting the Epcor rate increase maybe they should also get involved with the RCSCW dues increase.

    • RCSCW PR says:

      Hi Dale. While we appreciate your right to your opinion, we respectfully disagree that the Rec Centers’ budget is the purview of PORA. We work very closely with PORA on various issues, including CC&R enforcement, and we respect the PORA Directors for their time and hard work on behalf of this community. Both RCSCW and PORA Boards are comprised of dedicated, unpaid volunteer resident Directors who are voted into their positions by the community, and all of them are working for the best interests of Sun City West.

  5. What ever happened to a budget where the rec fees didn’t have to increase $20 every year? When I moved here the fees were $174 yearly now they’re going to be $465 and soon over $500. I went over the whole budget and I think you are very generous with the members money. There are a lot of residents who do not participate in anything and you are making it hard to justify them living here. I know this is their choice but they should be able to live in this type of environment at a reasonable price too. Some of your expenditures seem a little extravagant but then it is not your money you are spending or you might be a little more thrifty….. just my opinion

    • RCSCW PR says:

      Hi Cindy. Thank you for your comments. One of the top concerns we consider when formulating the budget, and thus the expected dues increase, is affordability of the community for new and existing members. We know value is one of the reasons members moved here. We also know that as residents age in place, their ability to participate in various activities declines over time. We do consider all of this. Yet we also have to consider the other reasons people move here – the amenities and activities – and ensure those are kept up to date. And we want to remain viable in the future, so consideration for new activities and upgrades also must be balanced. With all of that, we have to account for the increasing cost of all the goods and services we rely on to run operations, as well as uncontrollable increases like minimum wage, insurance, utilities, etc. The end result, unfortunately, is usually an increase in costs. We strive to keep the increase as low as possible. We encourage you to attend one of the budget forums to learn more about some of the reasons our costs are increasing, and where the dues are going.

      • S korton says:

        The Rec Center decision makers of the chosen projects are way too extravagant of expenditures. Get new bus, downsize proposals many unnecessary expenditures like the dog park – half a million dollars???? You have to be out of your minds.

        Do necessary changes for health and safety. Put locks on the dog park in the evening. Check ids or rec cards fir usage. The dog park club should be providing monitors just like other just are supposed to do.

        No wonder why nonresidents are invading our community; excessive expenditures no other community or city would spend.

        Your rec center employees – managers or supervisors and ceo need to live in the real world to find out how retirees here in scw frugally spend their retiring years. Not expensive outlandish posh dog parks. Good grief. Next think you’ll want to air condition the dog park!!!

        • Hi S. Korton. We understand you are unhappy with the dog park projects, as well as other capital expenditures. We work hard to balance the need for improvements and maintenance, with the need to keep dues affordable. Neither dog park project has been approved yet. Only one is planned for this year, and you are welcome to attend our budget forums to express your concerns or learn more about the project. The other project won’t come before the Governing Board until next fiscal year. Both projects have been requested by our dog park users (which include many who are not members of an organized club) for several years. One will specifically make the parks more accessible to our residents with mobility issues – and we take ADA compliance very seriously here. There will always be disagreement in this community about which projects are “most important” and which should be scrapped – and opinions usually split based on who uses what amenities. But in the end, we have amenities to meet most every person’s interests, and we have an obligation to keep them up to par. At the same time, our dues are among the lowest in the nation, despite having many more, high-quality amenities to offer.

        • This board is just like all boards in america-We do not elect the right people, because qualified people will not run for any board. We need QUALIFIED people: 2 accountants, 2 bankers, 2 investment brokers 2 lawyers and a former CEO. These people deal with business and finance. What gets elected is far from these qualifications. I’m a Tax accountant and I would not be associated with the type of people on our board as we have – who have no knowledge of money or finances! So what we have is spending as much as we take in. We have the wrong type of people on the board because the qualified people will never run for any board unless there are qualified associate board members to assist in the proper Board personnel! Just like the government-increase dues and increase spending, increase dues, increase spending.

          • RCSCW PR says:

            Hi Frank. We respect your right to your opinion, and we will agree that it would be nice to have more people run for and be involved in our local government (Governing Board). However, we respectfully disagree that we do not have people on the Board (or the B&F Committee) who are qualified to serve in this area. Please remember our Directors are unpaid, volunteer residents elected by the people, for the people. You may not agree with their decisions, but please be respectful. We have many, many people with all sorts of career histories who give their time and passion to serve the community. They work closely with our professional staff to develop and propose a budget. And we welcome resident comment and input throughout the process. If you haven’t already, please attend a B&F Committee meeting to learn more about our process and the people involved. Thank you.

  6. Mary Jo Monten says:

    Beardsley Park Restrooms: What are your long-range plans to expand the number of stalls, especially for women, now that you have over 2000 attending concerts? Two portables are a start temporarily, but long lines are still happening and a more permanent solution is needed. Using the bathrooms at the club rooms is not a realistic option as you have to leave the venue and take a long walk. Because the electrical, sewer and water lines are already to the restrooms, adding on should be a reasonable cost. Thank you.

    • Multimedia says:

      Hello Mary Jo. We spoke to Project Superintendent Karl Wilhelm. The Beardsley Park Restroom addition is on the agenda for budget approval this May. If approved, construction would begin this Summer 2018. The Restroom expansion includes the installation of additional sinks and toilets in both Women’s and Men’s restrooms at the facility nearest Mini-Golf, and a rear storage room for the Ramada Grills and accessories. Stay tuned.

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