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RCSCW annual meeting slated June 22


As the fiscal year comes to an end June 30, the Recreation Centers of Sun City West annual meeting has been slated 9 a.m. Thursday, June 22 in the Social Hall, 19803 R.H. Johnson Blvd., Sun City West.

Postcards have been mailed to all Sun City West rooftops announcing the meeting and inviting Owner Members to attend.

In accordance with ARS 33-1804 and Association Bylaws, the agenda may be found at, 48 hours prior to the meeting.

The state law requires the notice be mailed to all residents, but residents are not required to attend. Community members are encouraged to attend, however, and ask the Governing Board any questions they have about the Association. Comments and suggestions also are welcome.

  1. To me this is senseless to have an important meeting like this when all the snowbirds are gone.You people obviously do not care about all the residents

  2. Multimedia says:

    And if we put off until fall the discussion and decision about the tennis courts and the petition which was circulated you might not like that decision either Dan. We do care, deeply, and we do our best on behalf of all residents to do the right thing.

  3. Julia Waxler says:

    I’m not sure where to put my thoughts so here they are! I think there is a plan for updating the entrance signs ro SCW at the Grand Ave. exits. I was not very impressed with the Bell Road renovations. To me, it wasn’t about the design of the wording on the sign, but the structure and surroundingsof the sign. I’d suggest some brick or stone work supporting the signs and no colored lights. Also, the WELCOME sign at Bell Road is in need of a better font, softer colors, and maybe palm trees, sunrise, or saguaros to enhance the feeling of the area. Regarding the Grand Ave. projects, could we work on an entrance enhancement not just a new sign? Just my thoughts. Let’s make them classier!

  4. Multimedia says:

    Hi Julia, thanks so much for writing and giving us your thoughts. The reason that the structure at Bell Road was not modified, instead adding paint and new lighted signage, was a zoning issue. If we were to attempt to remove the existing structure and rebuild, the issues with zoning and permits would have been insurmountable. That is not the case to such a degree at the other entrances to the community. All signage has been “refreshed” with paint at this time, but replacement of the signage at Meeker/Grand, RHJ/Grand and up on Deer Valley Drive is all budgeted to be replaced during the 2017/18 fiscal year. These signs will be designed and developed as new builds, the design is yet to be determined, but it will surely have a more modern feel, and perhaps brick or stone will be part of that. We will need certain approvals, such as from the railroad at RHJ/Grand, but it will be less cumbersome than structural changes at RHJ/Bell would have been. Thanks again for writing.

  5. Trish Rowe says:

    As a “snowbird”, a homeowner, a paying dues resident of sun city West, which I love incidentally, why is the annual meeting held when so many of us are not there to participate? Have asked this question before and always get the same answer! So change to a calendar year seems to me a reasonable solution.

  6. Multimedia says:

    Hi Trish, the reason you always “get the same answer” is because there is only one answer to why we hold our annual meeting in June. Our fiscal year runs July 1 through June 30 and the meeting is held at the end of that fiscal year. To change to a calendar year or move the dates at all would require a change in our Bylaws. To change the Bylaws of the Rec Centers of Sun City West, we would need the approval of every HOA in the community, and there are well over 100 of them. It’s just not feasible.

  7. Dudley Gubson says:

    Whoa, approval of every HOA would be required? I think not!
    The Board can change the ByLaws absent member objection, or the members by petition and community vote can change them!

  8. Multimedia says:

    You’re right Dudley, my mistake. This would involve a bylaw change, I was referring to CC&R’s.

  9. Larry McRae says:

    I agree with other winter residents comments about the annual meeting dates. If it’s a by law change that the board can approve it’s easily accomplished. If it’s necessary for a ballot to be sent out then that too can be handled.

    As a homeowner andpaying full fees I too feel disenfranchised by not being able to be present at the annual meeting.

    This by law needs to be changed.

  10. Multimedia says:

    Good morning Larry, there are several factors we need to consider. The Annual Meeting is held at the conclusion of the Association’s fiscal year, which is June 30. So the Annual Meeting is held in June, per the Bylaws, and at that time the various committees report on their work conducted during the previous season. Other than those reports, it’s just like any other monthly Board meeting. Changing to a calendar year (January-December) has been discussed, but that, too, would have its issues. Namely, the Board and Committees would be taking a hiatus in the middle of their work year as Directors and Committee members typically travel during the summer months. So the business year would be disjointed. And then an annual meeting in December would conflict with the holidays. If we kept the current fiscal year and tried to have an annual meeting in May, we wouldn’t have the annual budget approved yet, so there would be unanswered questions and a sense of unfinished business with that schedule as well. We do encourage residents to attend meetings throughout the year, and there are many, many open meetings which members can attend. Thank you for your interest. We hope to see you at Board meetings in the fall.

  11. Sharyl Schultz says:

    We’re is the agenda for the annual meeting on the 22nd Pleasw give me the step to get them on my iPad.
    Thank you

  12. RCSCW PR says:

    Hi Sharyl. Follow this link: The agenda is at the left under the June 22 date. If you can’t get to it from the link, visit, and under the “Association” tab, click on the “Governing Board Pages” link. That will bring up a page that has all upcoming meetings listed at the left. Click on Thursday’s meeting, and you can view or print the agenda from there. Thank you for your interest.

  13. Larry McRae says:

    Thank you for your reply though I really believe that this concern by many of us could be addressed just by thinking outside the box. A fiscal year can begin and end with any month whether January-December or any other month.

    I am not an activist nor a trouble maker but feel that we winter residents (I hate the word Snowbird) are disenfranchised to a great degree with this annual meeting matter, not being able to have board representation etc.

  14. Warren Kay says:

    Snowbirds choose to be snowbirds. Maybe they should stay until the Annual Meeting, or choose to support our wonderful city year round. Their choice, just saying.

  15. A.J. Palmer says:

    Why do we “paint” the streets with black and not repair the multitude of cracks in them first, and WHY is the black covering of a consistency that it has not dried or hardened and is still being tracked across the sidewalks and over our driveways. To me, it is unsightly. I don’t remember it ever being this bad. Are we using a cheaper substance?

  16. Multimedia says:

    Good morning A.J., our streets are maintained by Maricopa County, not the Rec Centers.

  17. Multimedia says:

    We hear you Larry and if it was only about changing the dates, it would be much simpler.

  18. RCSCW PR says:

    Thank you for your comments, Warren. This is a sensitive issue, and we respect all of our residents – year-round and part-time. The issue with the annual meeting is that no matter what time of year we have it, it will interfere with something. It will be right in the middle of the holiday season if we change our fiscal year. Or it comes during the summer the way we have it now. One thing to keep in mind – we have dozens of other meetings throughout the year that are open to residents, and have opportunity for residents to speak up on anything that’s on their mind. The annual meeting is simply the one meeting required per year by the Bylaws, and because of a new state law, we are required to mail notice to every resident about the meeting. But it does not preclude any resident from coming to any of the meetings throughout the rest of the year to make a comment, offer a suggestion or ask a question. Furthermore, the Board members’ phone numbers and email addresses are listed on page 4 of every issue of the Rec Center News – so they are readily available to answer questions all year long should residents want to avail themselves of that opportunity. Thank you all for your interest in our community and its governance.

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