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RCSCW honors employees who served


The Recreation Centers of Sun City West would like to take a moment to recognize the veterans in our workforce who have served in the Armed Forces. Thank you for your service – we appreciate you!

Facilities Maintenance

Chavez, Jim – Army Reservist

Jones, Byron – Army Reservist

Sorden, David – Army – Vietnam

Financial Services

Cuddie, Jack – Army – Vietnam

Information Systems

Bond, Gregg – Army Rangers


Parker, James – Navy

Courier Services

Moran, Jim – Navy

Milligan, Paul – Army

Tours & Scheduling

Schroeder, Dick – Air Force

Golf Operations

Henderson, Richard – Marines

Goodrum, Ken – Air Force

Johnson, Ed – Marines and Vietnam Air National Guard  

Nielsen, Tom – Navy

Deer Valley Ops.

Rouse, Jay – Air Force – Vietnam

Spanier, O. J. – Army – Vietnam

Desert Trails Ops

Beacon, Tom – Army

Perro, Al – Army

Reterstoff, Jim – Army

Spalding, Jim – Navy – Vietnam

Echo Mesa Ops

Roady, Gary – Navy

Grandview Ops

Carls, Rod – Air Force – Vietnam

Friedman, Stan – Air Force – Vietnam

Hollenbeck, Erwin – Air Force – Korea

Van Eimeren, Jordan – Air Force – Vietnam

Brandom, Stephen – Navy – Vietnam

Pebblebrook Ops

Boucher, Ken – Marines – Vietnam

Kosnoski, Bob – Navy – Vietnam

Shirey, Calvin – Air Force

Stardust Ops

Bauchman, Robert – Army – Vietnam

Cravatta, Michael – Army – Vietnam

DeMartini, Lloyd – Army

Duncan, David – Army – Vietnam

Trail Ridge Ops

Halton, Paul – Air Force – Vietnam 

Hillas, Pete – Army

Johnson, Tom – Air Force – Vietnam and Desert Storm 

Beardsley Rec Ctr

Campbell, Bruce – Army – Vietnam

Huether, Eldon – Army – Germany

Hughes, Joe – Army – Germany

Lukachie, Mike – Navy

McComsey, Russ – Air Force – Desert Storm

Peterson, Tim – Marines – Vietnam

Rash, Nelson – Army – Korea

Rosenberg, Irving – Army – Vietnam

Ward, Mike – Army  

Kuentz Rec Center

Johnson, Russell – Navy  

Miller, John – Army

Palm Ridge Rec Ctr

Cook, Danny – Navy – Vietnam

Libby, Ray – Army

Rife, Donald – Army – Vietnam

R.H. Johnson Rec Ctr

Batina, Michael – Navy

Crumley, Don – Army – Vietnam

Hren, Douglas

Journey, Dan – Army – Vietnam and Desert Storm

Mutter, Raymond – Air Force

Olejniczak, Larry – Army – Korea

Perez, Cayentano – Army – Vietnam

Sims, Roger – Army

Pebblebrook Maintenance

Arizmendez, Jr., Juan – Marines – Desert Shield and Desert Storm  

Trail Ridge Maintenance

Garrison, Richard – Army

Sports Pavilion

Bogumil, Ted – National Guard

Marceau, John – Army

Moore, Larry – Air Force

Poff, Bill – Air Force

Reindeau, Ted – National Guard

Skoney, Thomas – Air National Guard

Smith, Jesse – Army – Korea

  1. Ron Eggleston says:

    PAs are employees and some are veterans

  2. Ronnie Williams says:

    Thank you all for your service, your time and the willingness to put yourself at risk.

  3. Multimedia says:

    If an employee did not make the list, please check with your supervisor, who submitted the names to HR.

  4. Linda Boman says:

    Wow, thank you to all of you for your service.

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