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Rec Centers’ Election results announced

Rec Centers’ Election results announced

Sun City West owners have elected five residents to the Recreation Centers of Sun City West Governing Board. Their terms begin July 1.

Earning three-year terms by being the top three vote-getters were: Tim Hurley with 2,018 votes; Jim Sloan with 1,992 votes; and Bryan Walus with 1,664 votes. Earning the fourth position, which is a two-year term, was Marion Mosley with 1,600 votes. The final top vote-getter was Vivien Wallis with 1,473 votes, who will serve a one-year term.

The Recreation Centers of Sun City West Governing Board is comprised of nine Directors, who are unpaid volunteers elected from among the membership.

The other two candidates who ran this year were George Kuchtyak Jr. and Glen Renshaw.

In a typical election year, three of the nine Director seats are up for election. The two-year and one-year positions opened up when former directors resigned.  Tim Hurley was selected by the Board on July 14, 2016 to fill one of the vacant seats through June 30, and the final year of that term was filled through this election process. The other vacancy was very recent, so no replacement was named, instead using this election process to allow Sun City West owners to select the successor to that two-year seat. Sloan and Walus were sworn in Monday night to immediately fill the vacant terms.

Hurley also is returning to the Board, having filled a one-year term that became vacant last year.

A total of 2,808 votes were cast, including 2,485 early ballots. Only 323 were cast on Election Day due to the high number who voted early online

This year marks the first time in Sun City West’s history that voting online has been available. LLC provided the online voting software.

“The voting went very successfully this year,” said Election Chair Terry Hamman. “I thought the software performed exactly the way we wanted it to. You always have a couple little training issues, but on a whole people liked the new system. Turnout was really strong, both online and in person in comparison to previous years. Overall I believe it was the second highest turnout in recent history.

“I want to thank the election crew who was here all day to help voters with casting their votes on the computer,” Hamman added.

James Claiborne, managing partner of LLC, said, “It has been an honor partnering with Sun City West in conducting their first online election. It was great seeing how enthusiastic all the residents were to use computers and take advantage of this convenient option. We hope to be back next year.”

  1. Aletha Dellamo says:

    Just as an FYI,for RCSCW members, I had to try 3 times to vote because even though the numbers were small, the site kept telling me the ‘site was busy due to high volume’. I voted on Saturday or Sunday the 19th or 20th.

  2. Dudley Gibson says:

    Good job all!

  3. dale woodall says:

    sad to see so many people don’t care about how the place is run.

  4. Leslie Shufeldt says:

    I was just wondering if there is only 1 vote per household if there are 2 people living there I.e. married couple.Does each person get a vote or is it limited to 1 vote per house?Thanks Leslie

  5. Caroline poling says:

    Congratulations to all the winners……… voting made it so easy to vote.

  6. Multimedia says:

    Hi Leslie, each owner member in good standing gets a vote, not one per household.

  7. Multimedia says:

    On the up side Dale, last election fewer than 1,000 people voted. Last nights results show the highest turnout in recent history, except for five years ago when there was a contentious bylaw change on the ballot. We believe that online voting will only help our numbers to increase more and more!

  8. I am so glad we final can vote by computer. I am sure more and more people will participate with being able to vote from the comfort of their own home and their computer. Certainly made me vote. I probably wouldn’t have voted if I had to go in person to vote.

  9. Richard Van Tuyle says:

    George would have been good for the Board. Please run again George

  10. Ron Neesham says:

    This election was the first time in fifteen years of house ownership that my wife and I have voted. It was due solely to the introduction of the on-line facility which is so convenient and easy to use. Congratulations to the team responsible and the successful candidates.

  11. Multimedia says:

    That is good to hear Ron! Thank you for the positive feedback.

  12. R. Ahlgren says:

    How many candidates had Torch training?

  13. Tony Lingenfelter says:

    The SCW staff needs to be commended for doing an excellent job with the on line voting. It takes a lot of long hours, planning and hard work to accomplished their success for a first time program. Thanks

  14. James Moehnke says:

    I’m wondering what percentage of those who signed up for online voting actually cast their vote?
    It was good that you sent reminders, as I had forgotten about the deadline for online voting. It worked very well for me…thanks!

  15. Looking forward to seeing this board in action. Hoping for the best for SCW. on-line voting went ok for me. I guess I did miss the comradery of greeting volunteers.

  16. RCSCW PR says:

    Hi Mr. Moehnke. We had about 9,200 email addresses on file. Not all of them “signed up” for voting however. Some were on file for the golf portal, some were on file just from previously providing Membership with their email accounts, etc. For comparison, voter turn out in the previous three years was: 1,440 in 2014; 552 in 2015; and 780 in 2016. We are pleased with the 2,808 votes cast in 2017.

  17. William T. Murphree says:

    Not sure about this on line voting BS. I have lived in Sun City West for eleven years now, this was the first election that I did not vote! My e-mail and my wife’s e-mail are both on file with the Rec Center, neither one of us sign up to vote on line, she was able to vote I was not! I am thinking voting at the polls in person has been and still is the best and most accurate way to run any election!

  18. Linda Robinette says:

    This method worked better for me.
    Thank you!

  19. RCSCW PR says:

    Hi Mr. Murphree. We’re sorry you weren’t able to participate in online voting. If you had contacted us prior to the early voting period concluding, we may have been able to help you. Regardless, we offered in-person voting on March 27 in the Library for anyone who couldn’t or didn’t want to vote early, either because they didn’t have an email address or weren’t comfortable with computers. More than 300 people took advantage of that option.

  20. RCSCW PR says:

    Hi Mr. Ahlgren. All of the candidates had been through, or were going through, TORCH at the time of the election.

  21. Tom Henke says:

    THANK YOU . . . To all who were involved in the set up of the on-line voting. You made us feel very comfortable as to the ease of the registration and the follow up reminders.

  22. Beverly Pietrzyk says:

    Hi. I voted at the library and it was very easy. Question: do the sun bird visitors and the people who rent in SCW for our winter have the privilege of voting? Thanks. Beverly

    If anyone knows how to get our full time residents to realize the importance of voting, please come forward with your ideas and let the SCW Board know.

  23. Multimedia says:

    Good morning Beverly, we’re so glad you found voting on the computer easy! To answer your question, all Owner Members in good standing are able to vote in our elections, be they full time residents or winter visitors. Renters do not vote.

  24. Brenda Gayhart says:

    It’s sad that a community as large as ours and so few voted. Just remember if you didn’t vote you have no room to complain about how the community is run. My husband and I both voted on line, his ballot came mine didn’t so I e-mailed the rec office and got my ballot in plenty of time to cast my vote online. No reason not to vote.

  25. Ginett Janssen says:

    Thank you to those who were elected in their willingness to volunteer their services for all of us. I liked on line voting!

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