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Register now to vote in SCW’s March election


Sun City West owner members who want to vote online in the March election for Governing Board Directors may register now.

Registration is as simple as ensuring the Association has a valid email address on file for each owner member who wants to vote online. Send your name, rec card number and email address to

Below are some items to remember:

  • Only owner members may vote in the Governing Board election.
  • You must be in good standing (not suspended or behind in dues) to vote.
  • Online voting will be offered preceding Election Day, which is March 26. The exact dates of online voting will be announced at a later date.
  • Spouses and significant others may NOT share an email address. Each voter must have his or her own unique email address to vote online.
  • The email address must be on file under your owner member account (NOT your employee number if you are a resident employee).
  • Just because you receive the Association’s e-news, does not mean you are registered to vote. If in doubt, send an email to so we can ensure your email is on file.
  • In the event the Rec Centers does not have more than three candidates for the three positions that will be open, there will be no election.
  • What for additional election details in the coming weeks.
  1. Richard Ahlgren says:

    Previously reistered – Will that be sufficient

  2. Dan Bowers says:

    If we successfully voted electronically in this past year’s election do we need to “re-register”? The article doesn’t say…

  3. Multimedia says:

    Hello Richard and Dan. If you haven’t moved (changed rec card number) or changed your email address, you should be fine. If you shoot us another email as detailed in the article, we can double check. Don’t worry about it being redundant, we will catch it.

  4. Jeanette Smith says:

    Please register me for online voting

  5. Multimedia says:

    Hello Jeanette, to register for online voting you’ll need to send your name, rec card number and email address to

  6. Linda Christianson says:

    Please register me for online voting

  7. Multimedia says:

    Hello Linda. To ensure you are registered to vote online, you’ll need to send your name, rec card number and email address to

  8. Richard Ahlgren says:

    I believe my wife & I are preregistered (Esther Ahlgren. Please advise only if that is incorrect.


  9. Multimedia says:

    Hello Richard, we’ve put a system in place to verify information on who is registered to vote online. Please send your name, rec card number and email address for both of you to

  10. Thank you

  11. A.J. Palmer says:

    we site does not come up.

    Need to make registration site clearer.

  12. Hi Toni. Please send an email with your name, rec card number and email address (if different than the one you’re sending from) to Thanks

  13. Hi A.J. That is not a website. It is an email address. To register to vote in the March election, send an email to In that email, please send us your first and last name, your rec card number, and the email address you’d like us to put on file for you. If there is more than one owner member in your house, we need that same information for each voter. Each voter must have his or her own unique email address. In March, we will send an email to each email address on file, inviting each owner member to vote online.

  14. How do I vote online?

  15. Multimedia says:

    Hello Joseph, first make sure you’re registered by sending an email to Include your name, rec card number and your email address. When the time comes, all registered voters will be sent an email invitation to cast their vote, and a link will be provided.

  16. This has to be a joke?

  17. Multimedia says:

    Not sure what you’re referring to Jimbo?

  18. Larry Kenney says: link does not work

  19. Multimedia says:

    Hi Larry, it’s not a link, it’s an email address. Send an email with your name, rec card number and email address and you’ll be good!


    registered to vote last yr. Is that enough?

  21. Multimedia says:

    Hello Bernadette, if you registered to vote online last year, you would be good to go this year. Having said that, the deadline for candidates just passed this week with no new additions. We have 3 candidates to fill 3 Director positions, therefore, we will not need to have an election this year after all. Article.

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