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Reminder to pedestrians (and drivers) – be vigilant

Reminder to pedestrians (and drivers) – be vigilant

Rec Centers management continues to hear stories of pedestrians in dark clothing walking before the sun comes up in our community. Having been given 2-3 examples of this happening just this week, we thought it would be a good idea to share this information again.

Please realize when walking in low light that you are virtually invisible to drivers until they’re right on top of you. Wear light or reflective clothing and carry a flashlight – be safe out there! This goes for all areas of our community.

We have heard from pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists and even golf car drivers over the years who say our streets aren’t as safe as they could be. Not much of a surprise, is it? You’ve probably heard that also, or even seen the rules of the road broken a time or two.

As we drive along in our cars and trucks, it can be easy to lose sight of the smaller vehicles and the pedestrians. So let’s make an extra effort to slow down as we approach stop signs, stop lights and cross walks to ensure no pedestrians or bicyclists are trying to cross. Keep an eye out for motorcycles and golf cars as well.

Pedestrians – and to be fair – for those of you who are walking, biking or in a golf car, don’t forget the rules of the road apply to you as well. Obey the signs and lights, walk on sidewalks provided, not the street and don’t cross against traffic or assume the vehicle drivers see you.

Let’s all be vigilant out there, so we can get home safely.

  1. Shirley Benjamin says:

    Walker in late evening and early morning should wear lighter clothes or reflected lighting. Two time’s in the last month I come close to hitting walkers that are in the road.

  2. Mary Blair says:

    What’s the Arizona Pedestrian Law? Why isn’t if ever published?

  3. Multimedia says:

    We’re sure it is published Mary, by the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

  4. Mary Blair says:

    Once again, Recreation Ctr will not publish the law. Sure the appropriate agencies publish it but why aren’t the residents here in SCW advised of the law. You think someone will wake up one morning and think…gee, does the State of Arizona have a pedestrian law…I should look it up? Attended the Safety Meeting yesterday at PORA and brought this issue up again…and of course the same old question…why isn’t the Pedestrian Law published here in SCW! You dodge the question. You only publish what you want to keep the masses happy. People here are much smarter than you think…oh, that was mentioned at the meeting too. Guess when Rec fees go up we’ll be advised of that. Time for SCW to get some bad press.

  5. Multimedia says:

    Good morning Mary, again, we’re sorry that you’re so unhappy here in Sun City West. And again, we have never dodged the question. The answer is we are not a law enforcement agency. Have a good day.

  6. Mark Smith says:

    I don’t know Mary, but your answer seems rather disrespectful. Customer service!

    Mary didn’t suggest you enforce the law, she suggested you publish it. As our key administrative arms, the rec ctrs and pora need to look for opportunities to educate our residents on topics that appear to be issues. As a community of half snowbirds and short term visitors, I think it would be a valuable service to publish these types of items. Ones that are particulary relavent to our community. Especially with our aged population and the issues that come with age. Even a simple link would help.

    The speeding down our side streets is another issue that needs some work. Although you obviously can’t enforce it, you can raise awareness on the issue.

  7. Mr. Smith, the Recreation Centers of Sun City West does work with PORA, the Posse and MCSO to distribute information provided to us by those agencies in their areas of expertise. We would be happy to publish information provided to us by MCSO regarding pedestrian laws. However, because it is not our area of expertise, we do not pursue researching and interpreting the laws. If MCSO provides us with tips and advice for our residents, we will distribute it. That has always been our policy.

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