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Resident gets creative with reasons NOT to live in SCW


Thanks to Sun City West resident Paul Horvick for this great tongue-in-cheek submission!


Top 10 Reasons to NOT Live in Sun City West

  1. Housing is just too inexpensive to impress others. If you wanted to live in a $500,000 house, you will be disappointed as most are much less; even on the golf courses, a great house with view is just too inexpensive to impress others. Housing construction is also odd. Most of the homes have no interior load bearing walls, so if you wanted to remodel, you may have way too many great options to consider. Oh, real estate taxes are too low. But, you can always donate extra tax dollars to the community.


  1. If you golf, there are only 9 golf courses in the community. If you do not live on a golf course, one might be as far away as a 5 minute drive.


  1. If you do not golf, there are four Rec Centers where you will get confused by the many activities that exist.


  1. In fact, there are over 100 Charted Clubs with nearly every activity you can imagine; the stress of selecting just 3 or 4 to join is quite high.


  1. Sun City West is only ranked #2 on the best places to retire in the United States.


  1. If you are a person planning on retiring and currently work in the medical field, you may find the community overcrowded with medical facilities and hospitals.


  1. There is no snow in the winter and no mosquitoes in the summer; that lack of -20 degree weather can be a shock to the system.


  1. You may want to get a golf car to get around the community, and that adds expense to your lifestyle.


  1. You are a long way …maybe 30 minutes, from one of the best water recreation and fishing locations you could find. That is 30 minutes you never recover; similarly, you are about 2.5-3 hours from snow skiing; or just a short ride to the Pacific Ocean or Las Vegas.


  1. The weather is so boring, mostly sun, sun and more sun. It is really annoying in the winter where it might be below zero and a blizzard back where you once called “home,” and the guilt you feel while golfing in 80 degree sunny weather can be overwhelming.
  1. MONA MCCOY says:


  2. Could get the GATORS to come here for training

  3. Linda Johnson says:

    Nicely done, Paul. Good addition, Mona!

  4. Deborah Randle says:

    Regards to #1, there are areas in SCW that have HIGH property taxes! Due to being grandfathered into Dysart SD. It is ridiculous that a retirement community couldn’t protect or alter this old decision for those of us on fixed incomes!

  5. Betsy Moran says:

    Funny . I moved here reluctantly but am SO very glad I did
    This really is the nicest place I’ve ever lived

  6. Priscilla Ebright says:

    So true….let’s keep out people who don’t want to enjoy life and all that SCW has to offer! Let them go be miserable somewhere else, for lots more of their money as well! Love this post thanks for sharing!

  7. Michael De Stefano says:

    Where is it?

  8. Ruth Mayerhofer says:

    Too many restaurants nearby to choose from also. And it gets tempting to leave the campus because great shopping is close by, too many options.

  9. Multimedia says:

    Where is Sun City West Michael? Google maps the zip code 85375 and you will find our little slice of paradise!

  10. Hi Deborah. Regarding No. 10 on Mr. Horvick’s list of “Top 10 Reasons to NOT Live in Sun City West,” which of course was a tongue-in-cheek portrayal: Yes, there are portions of Sun City West that are in the Dysart District, and even a small portion that is in the Peoria District. Despite that fact, property taxes in Sun City West tend to be lower than elsewhere in the state, and certainly lower than elsewhere in the country. Sales taxes also are lower in Sun City West than many other areas of the state and country because we are unincorporated. There is some history behind the school district issue. According to the book “Sun City West Silver Celebration: The First Twenty-Five Years,” the Dysart District scheduled an election in 1981 to deannex the Sun City West area from its boundaries. This successfully passed in both Sun City West and the rest of the district – meaning a large part of Sun City West was removed from the Dysart District. However, when the Del Webb Corp. planned Sun City West, it included land set aside for a commercial core, and that area remained in the Dysart District after the election. However, the commercial area never developed, and casitas were built in its place. The area was never included in the deannexation effort, so to this day, residents in that area pay the local school taxes. There are also homes in the ‘expansion area,’ which were the last to be built here, that pay school taxes. There was a vote regarding taxes in that area (in 1998), but it did not pass, so they remained in the district as well.

  11. Howard Allnutt says:

    Great job and imagination Paul!

  12. Craig Brady says:

    Love the “Tongue In Cheek” approach. This is indeed an outstanding community. My Parents and Brother also own homes here, with a couple more Brothers interested.

  13. In #4 you could add that the humidity is too low, compared to the rest of the country. Only around 5-20%. Compared with up to 80% for most of the rest of the country especially in the summer.

  14. Good job, we love it here! Keep on keeping on!

  15. I agree taxes are relatively low caompared to rest of nation n SCW.

  16. We could also add lack of messy medians on major streets and lack of overgrown vegetation (thanks to the PRIDES). Also, lack of junk and unsightly items in every neighborhood.

  17. Linda Casso says:

    2 more weeks! I’m excited to be moving to such a wonderful area.

  18. He also forgot to mention the boredom that comes from an almost complete lack of crime.

  19. Thank you Paul. That was a great way to describe our wonderful Community. We love it there even though we are snowbirds. We promote it every chance we get.

  20. Mike Fleming says:

    What a fantastic piece. Kudo’s to you for coming up with this Paul.

  21. Priscilla and Myrl Harrison says:

    Good job, Paul.
    After I moved here in 2000, I told my Mom who was visiting to tell my sisters about it back East…she said “they wouldn’t believe it”, meaning they wouldn’t believe how much we have to offer here.

  22. I’d like to add that it’s terrible that most homes have no grass to mow and the ones that do have grass have maintenance people who do it. How boring. Desert landscaping has so little maintenance. What will we do with our spare time? No, wait, with 100 chartered clubs, what spare time???

  23. George Patterson says:

    Been here in SCW since 1990. First home on Deer Valley Golf Course. In this house at the end of Deer Valley Drive for the past 15 years and was the first President of the our HOA that I set up for Del Webb. I always have said – and will always say – “Sun City West is the Best!!!!

  24. If you cannot find something to do, something is wrong with you. Great 10 reasons.

  25. Judith Hatfield says:

    Funny & clever!

  26. This was great !! Wish there was a way to print it out and send to friends in other states !!

  27. Multimedia says:

    Hi Bev, the story does appear on our Facebook page if you want to direct folks there, or send them a link to the story via email. If you really need to print it out, you can certainly do that as well!

  28. Terri Kamali says:

    Very Creative approach to our illustrate the beautiful SCW community! I’ve been here since Fall 2014 and love it, even if the sun has made having a flower garden challenging. But, I’ve been very surprised at how much of a variety of plants will grow here! I love flowering things, and there is a wide variety of heat and drought tolerant plants and trees that do well with little water besides cacti! Everyone one here seems friendly and on my street, there are several single women who help each other out when needed for trips to hospital, etc. SCW is becoming almost too popular now – the last two homes that sold in our Heritage Casitas HOA were in bidding wars and sold over asking price! Good if you want to sell though. KEEP UP THE GOOD WRITING! A very nice change from complaining!

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