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RH Johnson Pool to close for warranty repairs


The R.H. Johnson Pool will be closed for a week this month for warranty work.


The pool and spa will be closed May 14 through May 21 so the following may be repaired:


  • Stainless steel flu in pool equipment room
  • Broken tile at beach entry area
  • Trench drain repairs
  • Settlement at pool deck area


The fitness center and group fitness area, as well as the lobby and The Buzz Café, will remain open during the work. The pool area and spa will reopen on Tuesday, May 22.


Along with the items listed above that are covered by warranty, an acrylic coating will be applied to the color-stained concrete rings around the pool and spa. That portion is not warranty work as it is new, but the Rec Centers is taking advantage of the closure period to do that work.


Children’s swim hours that were at R.H. Johnson will be moved to Beardsley from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., in addition to the usual Beardsley children swim hours of 5 to 8 p.m.

  1. Michelle says:

    I find it hilarious that children must be potty trained even though swim diapers prevent all and any leakage. Just check out any area swim instruction facility where infants, babies, and toddlers receive instruction throughout the day and have no effect on the pool water.

    As a friend noted to me, it is more likely that adults relieve themselves in the pool.

  2. Beautiful facility, and friendly staff and people! I’m blessed to take guests here and to Palm Ridge to highlight our lovely community! Thank you for all of your hard work on our behalf!

  3. Scott Mitzner says:

    All comments should require SCW REC ID # along with name and email. I said pool was a bad design for a senior community and a waste of money. I have seen these flashy pools for the past 20+ years in dying resort areas like Miami and Palm Springs/ Palm Desert, they do nothing for seniors. Like Sun City’s Sun Dial Center, SCW needed 2 pools: a large lap pool kept cold and used for athletic swimmers and events; and, a walking pool designed for therapy and warmer water for frail seniors. $4 million wasted. I have a MA in urban studies, past chairman of regional plan commission, and family works in largest land use planning firm in USA. REC Board thinks they are smarter than me.

    • RCSCW PR says:

      Mr. Mitzner, thank you for all three of your comments. You are welcome to submit feedback on this blog, but please be civil.

  4. Looks like the only thing at our 4 million dollar pool that turned out ok was the Buzz cafe.

    • Multimedia says:

      Luckily that’s not so Dale, although we agree that The Buzz is great! Even with a smaller project, there will always be punch list and warranty items that need to be looked at, especially within the first year. With a project of this scope, of course there will be issues, and we are working closely with Foresite to remedy them as they present themselves. We also look at comments/feedback from members, such as the desire for a railing along the edge of the raised seating area. Drawings have been done and this project is out to bid.

      • Was in the pool with my cousin in early April and we finally got out of the pool because there was so much hair floating around us. Yuk. I have not returned yet. Is there a filter problem with the pool?

        • Multimedia says:

          Hello Lana. By design, we have one of the best filter rates in the Valley. It could be that there was a person swimming that day who was experiencing excessive hair loss. We highly encourage you to come back and see for yourself.

          • Scott L Mitzner says:

            Lana is right, some of the guys that do the pool maintenance have not done the best job.

    • Good job on keeping up with warranty items before they become a big issue. We first visited Sun City West in September, shortly after the opening of this pool. This modern, resort pool is a major factor that compelled us to buy a house in this city over all the other 55+ communities in the area. We love it and spend time there every day that we are in town.

  5. Richard Wells says:

    Consider placing some pebbletech over the exposed concrete area next to the spa to avoid slipping and falling when exiting the spa. I understand that the area I described was part of the walking track when the pool first opened.

    • Multimedia says:

      Hi Richard. Not sure what you’re referring to in regards to “part of the walking track.” Adding pebbletech material is not in the plans currently.

      • the slippery gray cement ring.

        • Multimedia says:

          Still a little unclear, so sorry. If you mean the very edge of the pool, that is one of the items that will be part of this project. The wording from the press release is “an acrylic coating will be applied to the color-stained concrete rings around the pool and spa.” Hope that helps.

  6. Deborah says:

    While they are at it, why not do something about the cliff by the loungers. People keep falling because the lower loungers get moved away from the area for various reasons. There should be some sort of warning or preventative device. We will eventually get sued. I have been told there have been several complaints and the staff/BOD is well aware of the issue.

    • Multimedia says:

      Hello Deborah, thanks for your comments. This situation is being looked at carefully …a design has been worked on and we are awaiting a quote, so it will be fixed.

  7. Good news

  8. I have noticed the palm trees around the pool area look dry and brittle.. it looks like they need water.
    Do they get the care they need?

    • Multimedia says:

      We will pass your comments along, thank you Marty. There is one palm tree that cannot be salvaged and it will eventually be replaced as a warranty item, but not during this particular closure period.

      • Debby Phillips says:

        Wait a minute. When the pool closure was first announced, the dead palm tree was going to be replaced. Why is it that not happening now? Are we to look at a dead tree all summer?

        This coating that is to be applied over the colored decking—the deck has now turned nearly black from water stains and looks terrible. How will this be cleaned before any sealer is applied, and why wasn’t this sealer done before the pool was even opened?

        The tile surrounds on the fountains look like hell. There are hard water deposits and lime scale all over them, and there is a ring around the pool at the water line. This needs to be cleaned.

        Between these and the filthy patio furniture, this pool looks like it’s been in service 20 years already.

        • Multimedia says:

          Hello Debby,
          The vendor had to postpone the palm tree replacement, but it will be undertaken in the earliest possible time frame that can be arranged.

          The pool decking does indeed show a number of dark areas, due to body/suntan oils, not merely water. The vendor who is putting the acrylic coating on the colored ring will be cleaning it first, and if it works as well as we hope, he will share his method with us to resolve future needs in this area. The inner portion of the deck that is cool decking will continue to stain due to how porous it is, but we expect to have a method in place for periodic maintenance/cleaning since it will continue to be an issue. It is one of the known down-sides of cool decking due to its porous nature. We will also be giving special cleaning attention to the fountain bowls and surrounding areas during this closure.

          We are aware that there are some issues with threading coming undone on some of the furniture, and have reached out to the manufacturer for warranty support. In addition, the Recreation Department will look into what they suggest for cleaning these items.

          We appreciate your input.

          • Scott L Mitzner says:

            Debby is right. Putting all the palm trees around the pool creates pool cleaning hell. We can see no one on the REC Board ever owned a pool. There is not enough soil for the trees to grow properly. Tree roots will seek the water lines and drain lines, eventually cracking them.

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