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RHJ pool construction continues, closures in place

RHJ pool construction continues, closures in place

The R.H. Johnson Pool remodel is well under way and as of the last week of April is on time and on budget! There is heavy equipment in the area, and residents are reminded that crossing into closed areas or ignoring caution tape is forbidden. For those who are interested in seeing the process, we will post photos regularly on

The pool closed Jan. 3 to accommodate the work, and residents are asked to use extra caution throughout the complex and avoid any restricted areas. The pool will remain closed until the project is completed, which is slated for August 2017.

The (old) main entrance to the Fitness Center remains closed. Residents wishing to work out, use group fitness or the indoor spa, should enter the fitness center through the handicap accessible ramp at the east end of the building.

Fencing closes off the main entrance to the pool building and fitness center; the sidewalk between bocce ball, mini golf and the IT server room that leads from the upper R.H. Johnson complex near the Social Hall, to the lower complex near the Activities Center. Additionally, the upper deck of R.H. Johnson near the arches by Rip ‘n’ Sew has been deconstructed with fencing in place; the same goes for the upper deck between Model Railroad and Ceramics.

During the initial part of the closure, Facilities Maintenance crews painted the buildings in the area as part of the facility enhancement project that began at R.H. Johnson in 2015. This painting was delayed until the closure for the pool remodel in order to minimize inconvenience to members using the facilities.


Since children’s swim hours at R.H. Johnson are unavailable, the hours at Beardsley and Palm Ridge rec centers have been modified. During the construction period, children’s hours will be 4 to 8 p.m. at Palm Ridge and 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 3 to 6 p.m. at Beardsley. There are no children’s hours at Kuentz Rec Center.

The pool project involves complete replacement of the existing pool, which is more than 35 years old and was in frequent need of repairs. This includes the old pipes and pumping system, which was in dire need of replacement. The winter start date was chosen because concrete cures better in moderate temperatures. By starting in January, we will be pouring concrete in May and completing the project in August.

The project is budgeted at $4.1 million. Plans call for eight, 25-meter swimming lanes; shaded umbrellas over parts of the pool; a zero-entry section; small splash pad; an enlarged spa; and a large middle section that can be used for water volleyball. Additionally, the pool includes an expanded water walking area, larger than the current pool offers, with a water feature in the center of it. The entrance for the pool and fitness area will be redesigned as an enclosed lobby with a centralized check-in desk.

The $4.1 million project also includes a new addition: a great lawn near the bocce courts (close to the pool but separated by a fence) with stepped up access to the upper section of R.H. Johnson where the Member Services Office and various chartered clubs reside. This will provide new access from the top to bottom. The great lawn with an attached, elevated performance stage will provide a new venue for residents. A picnic area also is included in this area.

Photos taken Feb. 27 show progress on the project (more recent photos below):

More photos taken in March:


  1. I voiced my concerns about all the trees and limited seating for us whom love to sit in the sun. I also had concerns about the food and all the birds this and all the trees will attract. I have not seen any response to my concerns. I hope that some of the trees were eliminated,this would solve many problems.
    I would like a response’

    • Multimedia says:

      Hi Joann, after hesitancy was expressed by Owner Members about all of the trees shown in renderings at the first pool forum (Nov. 4, 2015), the amount of trees was scaled way back, which was announced at the second pool forum (Feb. 9, 2016). Final number of trees to be in the pool complex is yet to be determined, but we definitely heard those who spoke at that pool forum and changes were made. Also, there will be plenty of seating, both in the sun lounge chairs as well as tables and chairs in areas with shade coverings. It’s not a final count, but the original rendering shows 85-90 lounge chairs alone. The fly-through rendering has not been updated to reflect changes made at Owner Members request. We’re not sure what food you’re referring to, unless it’s the prepackaged foods (snacks) that will be sold in the new enclosed lobby area. Folks have always brought food to the pool, we don’t feel that’ll be an issue. Thanks for writing.

  2. Vera Zabloudil says:

    That is beautiful. Can’t wait to see it this fall.

  3. Hi. Winter is over and still no concrete. You said it cures
    better in the cooler weather. Looks like it should have been started in the spring so it would be ready for concrete by the winter.

    • RCSCW PR says:

      Hi Carol O. Sorry if we were not clear on that. Yes, winter is the best time to build a pool so that we are pouring concrete by May. We were not clear on that. Summer is too hot to pour concrete because the ground, the concrete and the air temps are all too hot and a retardant is required to slow the curing rate. Pouring in winter also has its problems because the concrete and ground are too cold and an accelerator is required. By starting the project in the winter, we will be pouring the concrete in May, which is the ideal cure time. We are on target for pouring in May. We also are on target to complete the project in August. Thank you for pointing out the lack of clarity in our early post. We will correct it.

  4. So many people are asking, do we have a completion date for the pool project??? At one point the end of August was discussed, is that still viable?

    • RCSCW PR says:

      Hi Barb. When we started the project, the completion date was scheduled for August. We are still on target for that date. Thank you.

  5. Renee Kunkel says:

    We so missed the RH Johnson pool this year! Am very excited about coming back in December to see all the changes. Thank you all for what you do!

  6. Catherine Cranston says:

    Where can I find pictures of the proposed finished product.?

    • Multimedia says:

      Hi Cathy, the fly-through of the project has been added back to the home page at Hope that helps, we had taken it down to promote the LPGA and I got it put back up today. Thanks for writing.

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